Actually, Climate Change Did It, But Let’s Not Go There

John McCain, Sunday:

“We are concerned about, particularly, areas down on the border where there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally.”

Reality, later Sunday:

A U.S. Forest Service official said today there is no evidence that illegal immigrants started some of the wildfires in Arizona, as Sen. John McCain had claimed.

John McCain was quickly shamed and vowed never to lie agai— oh, who are we kidding.

John McCain’s Illegal Immigrants Started Arizona Wildfires Disputed by Forest Service [ABC]

Well, considering that John McCain was an illegal immigrant in Vietnam, whose job was to burn villages from 10,000 feet, I guess he should know.

@Serolf Divad:
Plus there are rumors (if you will) of him torching the flight deck of the USS Forrestal so he has probable experience starting conflagrations, too

Remember when I told some of you who were thinking of coming out to New Mexico this summer that we’d do some hiking and fishing if the forests weren’t on fire? Well, we have a 3,000 + acre forest fire above Santa Fe right now. It’s near some of my favorite hiking trails and the local ski area.

I think we in the North East got most of your rain.

McCain was falling back on his training he received in escape and evasion school that he used while doing time in the hanoi hilton for becoming America’s first reverse ace. If you watch his blinking eyes closely, you will notice him signaling in morse code. Part of the trick is to say something that makes your captors, or media in this case keep their guard down so they don’t notice the real message you are sending out. So while he says the illegal immigrants started the fires, the media immediately figures he’s just being a senile old man whose very own party has set him out to pasture twice and disregards the true morse code message sent by his blinking eyes. The dot, dash, dot dot, dash dot he’s sending out is easily deciphered by those in the know. He is really signaling: “I’ve had enough of that bitch Palin, I tried to hook her up back in ’08 and now that whore is trying to move in on my turf here in Arizona. Fuckin’ whore even bought a house down here. If I can’t get her damn tour bus run off the road and down a canyon by one of Cindys Budweiser tractor trailers, I’ll get Michelle Bachmann to shank that bitch back stage at the next debate. If that don’t work, I’ll burn her damn house down out here in the A-Z. I really started those fires. Burn Baby Burn.”

@ManchuCandidate: The Northwest, too. In the Willamette Valley, we are 10″ above normal for the year. Considering what normal rainfall is here, that’s a lot of water.

I saw him on the Sunday show with Amanpour and strange to say he seemed calm, wasn’t blinking, and was talking what seemed like sense. After one got over the whole not-him-AGAIN! reaction he seemed quite rational.

@redmanlaw: I feel for you. It’s so sad when places you treasure are destroyed, no matter what makes it happen, whether fire, flood, drought, blight, bulldozers, logging, etc., etc. {Worst of all, probably, is when they “pave paradise and put up a parking lot.”}

Who is this “John McCain” of which you speak?

A government by the fucking morons, for the morons in the name of fucking morons.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Oh, aren’t you cute and in denial? I’m lighting a candle every night for Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery, the least of the reasons why so she can be the next junior senator from A-Z.

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