Weiner’s End

  • Weiner Wilts
  • Weiner Withdraws
  • Democrats Stage Prophylactic Move on Weiner

  • Weiner Shrivels
  • Weiner Collapses
  • Weiner Faces Frank Talk
  • Weiner Shrinks
  • Weiner Roasted
  • Tumescent Headline Puns Cease With Embattled Congressman’s Requested Leave of Absence
  • Weiner’s Premature Ejection
Weiner to Enter Treatment Center and Seek Leave From House [NYT]

No. No ‘leave’ – who will represent his fucking district while he’s in Twitter rehab? Unfortunately for @RepWeiner this country was founded by Puritans and is still effectively run by their descendants. He has to go.

Let us pray that Weiner, vain to the end, is able to rub out his issues with professional help. Our best wishes to the member.

@blogenfreude: who will represent his fucking district while he’s in Twitter rehab?

It’s not like Weiner was shot in the head.

Too soon?

Probably. But the comparison’s out there to be made. The staff (not intentional, but unavoidable) can run the office in the congresscritter’s absence, but some absences are more understandable than others.

@nojo: I see my 2 senators’ and Nadler’s job as follows: 1) get as much federal largesse as you can for NY State/your district, and 2) point out the lies of those on the right. Weiner can’t do that if he’s in La Jolla at Twit rehab. He needs to go.

@blogenfreude: La Jolla at Twit rehab

Shhhh! We haven’t signed the lease yet.

I think it’s a big loss.

Democrats 0: Breitbart 4.

Oh and plus? Fuck Bill Maher. He mocks Weiner and allows Breitbart free reign. Fuck him. Fucking fucker.


The 1 thing you do not want to be is a Dem attacked by the Right – nothing is abandoned more quickly MoveOn/ACORN/Van-Jones/Sherrod/Weiner

Point taken — especially regarding Shirley Sherrod — but Weiner went to, um, extraordinary lengths to deny the original tweet. He spent a week, um, hanging his defenders out to dry, then, um, cut them down when he confessed.

Maybe in the alternate universe where Weiner immediately fessed up, the Dem leadership would still behave cravenly. But we’ve, um, long passed the moment when this could be dismissed as a simple privacy issue.

There’s even another alternate universe — the universe where the college student actually received the original tweet. Was she expecting it? (She says she wasn’t.) Would it have shocked her? Would she have been creeped out by it? And if she was, would she have broken the original story?

We don’t know. We can’t know. She can’t know. But if you want to take the line that this was just “consenting adults”, you better make damn sure that both adults consented.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Breitbart was, though I hate to admit it, right this time (for the first time). Cut the cancer out.

Our side needs to understand that they will ratfuck us at every opportunity, and that we need to ratfuck them.

@Benedick HRH KFC: I don’t know what else Maher did or said — and in general, I’m not a fan — but the clip I saw with him and Jane Lynch reciting the Naughty Facebook Exchange was spot on. When the material’s served up on a platter, you can’t not take it.

@Benedick HRH KFC: No kidding. Why is Brietbart so into the schlong?

@nojo: The staff runs all Congressional offices – but Rehab? What the fuck for? And what’s the treatment? They take his clothes away and march cheerleading squads in front of him while he resists the urge to beat off?

Headline: “Boehner tells Weiner to come clean”.

@FlyingChainSaw: Rehab? What the fuck for?

Convenient excuse, of course — after Weiner said something like “There’s no rehab for this” on Monday. But it’s not like he’s a celebrity who can take a PR time-out before his next movie.

The cruel truth: Weiner’s expendable. Aside from cable-news entertainments, he ain’t good for much. Bubba was too big to fail. So to speak.

Question is, when will Breitbart have his weenie moment? (Not if, when.) And how will the MSM react?

@matador1015: Hopefully like a shark.

They’ll smell blood in the water, and bite chunks out of his still living body as he thrashes and squirms, screaming “But I’m only a blogger!! ”

Soon the extra blood from his wounds will attract more and more to the feast and they will rip and tear his body as he wails pathetic excuses, still alive and still bleeding.

Eventually a few body parts will be washed up on the beach to feed the crabs and sand lice. Such is the miracle of nature.

@CheapBoy: More to the point, who’s their next target?

@matador1015: Breitbart had his Weenie Moment on Opie & Anthony. We still have no proof that was Weiner’s cock he showed them.

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