Enough of the Weiner

If I see one more hot dog, I’m going to hurl. Time for a late night musical palate cleanser.

Sweet 8 pound 7 ounce baby Jesus, Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt can each play a guitar like there’s no tomorrow. Put them together and it’s magical. If their acoustic tour is coming to your town, run – don’t walk – to get tickets. The show is two incredibly talented and funny musicians with deep songwriting abilities sitting on stage with nothing but their wits and their guitars, chatting, jamming, picking the hell out of their guitars, and singing back up vocals on each other’s songs.

Most of the videos on the tubes of them are of crappy quality, so here is a clip from the Beeb of them playing to the Brits, with Joe Ely joining in. This doesn’t capture the improvisation they do in concert:


john hiatt is a master showman as well as musician and song writer. if you have not seen him live, HTFU and catch his next show at a nearby venue. SFL speaks the gospel truth.

“…bangin’ like charlie watts”:

“his beer was warmer than the look in her eye”:

SFL, thanx for reminding me about john hiatt. you obviously have impeccable music taste. i have burned through two discs of “slow turning” and have been meaning to buy my third copy which i will tomorrow and mix it with a case of busch lite on sale for $15.54. can you get 30 packs in california? i used to be able to get a 15 pack of strohs for $5.65 in d.c. in 1991 while i burned up my first copy of slow turning.

@jwmcsame: Last night he played “Angel Eyes” and when he was done the crowd was hushed. Lyle said something along the lines of “How can I play a song after that?” John also played “Tennessee Plates” which Lyle noted is “sort of the American story in a nutshell – you go off on an adventure with a lady friend and end up learning a trade in prison.” John did back-up vocals and guitar riffs for Lyle’s “One Eyed Fiona” and “If I Had a Boat” – the two of them playing that song together with just their voices and their guitars was amazing.

They’re playing in the area again tonight and I’m toying with trying to go. I got last night tickets for free – they were around $95 each if I had paid – but damn it was worth every penny.

listen for lipstick sunset and feels like rain. the protagonist in tennessee plates wanted a cadillac with tennessee plates because that’s what elvis drove and gave away to anyone bold enough to ask.

the only person i know of now close to john hiatt is hayes carll with that same mix of comedy, story telling and musical talent. check out live free or die:

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