And Speaking of Brief Encounters…

A federal grand jury in North Carolina has indicted Johnny from the Mill on six charges of violating campaign finance law for accepting large campaign donations and using them to keep his alien girlfriend baby-mama Rielle Hunter living in style.

But the trial should be a clusterfuck of epic proportions, and pundits and late night comedians rejoice.

Stinquer Benedick weeps.


Oops. You scooped my last comment. You’d think he’d be very motivated to cut a deal in this case.

@Dodgerblue: He’s refused to cut a deal for two years. He’s such an arrogant ass, I predict that he will want to represent himself at the trial given his previous success as a trial attorney. You know the saying about an attorney who represents himself, ergo this will be a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

Amazing that we can somehow manage to prosecute this, but in spite of CONFESSIONS ON FUCKING TV we can’t get anybody in jail for torturing people…

was edwards involved in the lawsuits brought by some southern states against the tobacco pusher cartels?

Look at that adorable face! Just look at it!!

Edwards’ punishment should be having to live with Rielle Hunter for the rest of his life.

Edwards should just kill himself now, so we can get one last headline out of him: “Edwards – Hung.”

@Benedick HRH KFC:
I suspect it’s not what one wants to hear when facing prison time.

Hee. Yet another HS student smacking down Crazy-Eyes Bachmann. She’ll ignore him like she’s ignored everything else made of sense and reason, but what a show.

@IanJ: Hope this kid doesn’t get the hate mail and threats of everything from rape to death that the girl who challenged her to a debate on the Constitution got. God, that’s an awful sentence. It’s been a looooong week, and my brain is fried. Deal with it, grammar bitches.

I also hope that doesn’t happen. But then, I won’t be surprised if it does, and I suspect this kid is aware enough of his surroundings to be prepared for such an eventuality. He’s got me beat on organization, that’s for sure.

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