Can’t Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me

“More than 550 health professionals and organizations have signed a letter to McDonald’s Corp. asking the maker of Happy Meals to stop marketing junk food to kids and retire Ronald McDonald.” [WSJ]


Fucking happy meals. How do they work? (Sorry — kid had to collect me from the Chinese take-out place at the bus stop.)

@nojo: right [interrogwhatverthefuck]. Cheapest Marlboros I found were in Egypt. Cigs doing great business in China. Who cares if US Merricans are quitting; there’re all sorts of LDCs to exploit.

Breaking news: Al Qaeda releases Osama Basement Tapes. But we knew there was at least one left.

Can we just please stop this? Corporations are going to do whatever they have to do to sell the shit they have to sell. No labels on CDs Tipper, and leave Ronald alone. How many kids demand a Happy Meal solely because they saw Ronald prancing around on TV? Please ….

@nojo: when will dubya’s unplugged set get released? i can’t wait for acoustic versions of “doctors all over america can’t practice their love of women”, “the evil doers never quit thinking of ways to harm americans, and never do we” and this all time great channeling elvis covering two songs in one: “fooled me once…won’t get fooled again” (featuring gomer pyle and roger daltry on backup vocals).

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