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Title: “The Notes: Ronald Reagan’s Private Collection of Stories and Wisdom”

Author: Ronald Reagan

Rank: 50

Blurb: “The Notes encapsulates a lifetime of reflections on work, marriage, and family in classic one-liners such as ‘Flattery is what makes husbands out of bachelors’ and ‘Money may not buy friends, but it will help you to stay in contact with your children.'”

Review: “It would not be a stretch to claim that Reagan was the best orator of the 20th century and rivals the great orators of the American founding.”

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Footnote: Jefferson stole his one-liners from Franklin.

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Why do I have this big smile? I’m back in The Game and working on a campaign as a media coordinator. A FB/IRL friend and neighbor/long time political ally is running for judge in northern New Mexico. Spent my big Saturday night sending out press releases and contacting supporters, sent immediate responses to overnight contacts and updated our FB status this morning. My candidate spend her Saturday night reading the state election code. The primary is June 2011.

/waves geek flag

Really? Who’s the angry cultist now?

@redmanlaw: just don’t go all Karl Rove on us ….

And Reagan? All you need to know about him – his first major campaign speech was set in Philadelphia MI where he talked not about civil rights and the activists who died there, but about states’ rights. Southern strategy personified.

Review: “It would not be a stretch to claim that Reagan was the best orator of the 20th century …”

Off the top of my head I would place Winston Churchill, Adolph Hitler and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. head and shoulders above Ronnie Raygun as orators, so personally I think that claim is a steaming pile of bovine feces. With a little thought I’m sure the list would grow and grow and grow.

He was the witless creation of the California Chamber of Commerce. He had good hair and could stand on a mark and say his lines. That’s about it.

My first thought was an image of Ronald Reagan sitting on the crapper copying quips and quotes out of the Reader’s Digest

This is what Douglas Brinkley, editor of this book says about the notes:

These were his ammunition on the rubber chicken circuit. He had to go make so many speeches that, as a comedian does, he was constantly looking for new material. So he collected one-liners and jokes, Bob Hope style.

What a tragic waste of trees.

i saw that on FB. i have talked to her on your threads…she’s funny too!
great stuff…

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