46th Street and Lexington Ave – 1:30 pm

It’s a Tesla. Best vanity plate ever:



Wow, I haven’t seen an electrical pun like that since Ohm Sweet Ohm… :)

It’s based on the Lotus Elise – it’s barely hip high.

Personally, I’d like to see a sports car powered by static cling.

Given the plate and the car, I want to have a beer with the person that owns it.

Nice car, but despite the current $65 fill-up, I think I’ll keep my 2009 Nissan GT-R. It’s good enough for an old fart like me, and I’m feeling a cross-country road-trip itch, which would be a major pain-in-the-ass with the Tesla.

So I’m standing outside the Remote Office today, enjoying a refreshing dose of nicotine, when the car parked in front of me suddenly starts moving.

Oh. It’s a Prius.

Can’t they stick a playing card in the spokes or something? Damned unsettling.

@nojo: We got freaked when new owners by the Prius habit of shutting down at red lights.

I must say, very brave owner a: driving a car like that in Manhattan (pothole meet suspension) and b: parking it somewhere without a large police cordon around it.

@nojo:believe it or not there is a nascar fan i work with here in east tennessee. i’ve often mentioned to him that the best way to get americans off gasoline powered cars and switch to electric is for the government to print up all money necessary for the nascar engineers to convert their engines from gasoline to electricity. they could easily do that in one short off season. nascar drivers barely get enough time off for thanksgiving through new years and then it’s back to left turn eternal marathons so the sponsors can advertise and the fans can wartch wrecks and fites (intentional spellings). once a good portion of americans realize you don’t need gasoline to drive fast, the gasoline problem would be solved before busch smacks harvin into the wall in turn three or the dale jr fans middle fangers cramp up from flippin’ gordon too many birds. problem is though like you said nojo, there just wouldn’t be enough noise too keep folks interested.

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