… how utterly clueless the GOP was when it came to terrorism:


Bottom line, in the American Marketplace of Ideas, which has been having something of a fire-sale of cheap John Birch Society knock-offs for a while now, the meme that is going to have precedence is that Obama succeeded where the Republicans failed. how he rides this wave is going to determine how history evaluates him in the long run…

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: the meme that is going to have precedence is that Obama succeeded where the Republicans failed

Too early to say. “Obama succeeded,” yes. But memes are strange things. Witness Reagan fiscal hagiography.

I couldn’t even get through a minute of that because the brief shot of the scrum of photographers made my hyperventilate. I don’t know how anyone can think straight, knowing those things are capturing and magnifying every wrinkle, zit, and nose hair.

Not to mention stealing your soul.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: the best way to think straight is to not lie.

Rummy, responding to one of the curious details from last night:

Asked if harsh interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay played a role in obtaining intelligence on bin Laden’s whereabouts, Rumsfeld declares: “First of all, no one was waterboarded at Guantanamo Bay. That’s a myth that’s been perpetrated around the country by critics.

“The United States Department of Defense did not do waterboarding for interrogation purposes to anyone. It is true that some information that came from normal interrogation approaches at Guantanamo did lead to information that was beneficial in this instance. But it was not harsh treatment and it was not waterboarding.”

On the one hand, we didn’t waterboard the OBL source. On the other — we didn’t waterboard anybody? I’ll call that Denial of the Day.

@nojo: And no comment on the real curious detail — his spokesman spilling the beans about bin Laden.

@mellbell: I spent last night wondering why Keith Urban had the news first…

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