A Brief Moment of Silence for Typewriters

The Godrej and Boyce “Prima” typewriter is a fine machine, solidly built, and available in several languages from its Mumbai corporate home. But enjoy it while you can, because it’s the last of it kind:

To Jawaharlal Nehru, it was a symbol of independent India. C Rajagopalachari considered it a masterpiece of Swadeshi manufacturing. For the country’s industry, it was a perfect launch pad. But for a slice of what is soon going to be history, this might be the last chance. Godrej — the last manufacturer of typewriters in the world — has just 500 machines left for sale.

Wait, wait — before you pour out that bottle of Wite-Out in memory of keyboards past, this gentleman would like a word:

Edward Michael, sales general manager at Swintec, a New Jersey-based typewriter company, said not so fast. He said when he read the report on the typewriters’ demise, he initially thought it was a typo.

“We are a typewriter company, and we are alive and doing very well,” Michael said in a telephone interview Tuesday with CNN.

And sure enough, you can still get a Swintec 2416DM 128K Enhanced Memory & Functions Electronic Display Typewriter for only $299. Nice of CNN to pick up the phone when Mr. Michael called, else we’d be mourning for no reason.

Or maybe it’s manual typewriters that have gone extinct. Although nobody reporting the story seems to be making that distinction.

Anyway, the Swintec’s really the last one, right? “We think there’s more typewriter manufacturers out there”, writes CNN. “Know of any?”

Good question. Maybe The Most Trusted Name in News might spare a moment from its busy day to find one.

Like, say, the fine line of Brother models, available at Office Depot. Can we get an iReport credit for that? After all, that’s two minutes of our life we’re not getting back.


Or the one being sold by Hammacher Schlemmer (the service stinks but the postage is really expensive, though it doesn’t feel the same without the abuse from the salesladies on the 5th floor) for $189.

Full disclosure, I’m in a foul mood this morning.

White House releases Obama’s birth certificate yet again. Sly move to fan the birther flames?

Oh and Gates is out at DOD, Panetta is in from CIA. Petraeus to CIA.

Good morning from the Left Coast.

We don’t think this is going to stop anybody, do we? Clearly it’s a fake. Probably bought in a madrassah in Kenya. They fake these all the time so they can undermine our freedom with muslim socialism.

@SanFranLefty: Whoa, wait, wha? Pinetta at Defense, Rock Me Petraeus at the Agency?

I must have slept through all the cable traffic but, unofficially: deck chairs – meet the Titanic.

I saw Hardball last night. I know but the OH likes it and we can’t be watching old Doris Day movies all the time. Buchanan, who was defending Trump, actually said that the only reason the president got into those fancy schools was affirmative action – also the reason for the editorship of the Harvard Review. He came right out and said. it.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Everybody knows black people are stupid, so how else could he have gotten in or made editor?

Have seen zero on the interwebs about the deck chair moves. What gives?

@Benedick HRH KFC: For all of you who long for the days of Keef O and his sputtering rants, I’ve found the perfect thing: RT’s Big Picture. RT is Russian owned, this Thom Hartman is a windbag America-basher with a KeefO jones, and I only get it because I’m watching over the air digital teevee. Oh, and the channel also features that former Brand W poster boy Adam Kokesh in some show called Adam v. The Man.

@Nabisco: I had no time for Keef. However we’ve got two main stories developing hard.

“What took him so long?”

The White House releases ‘birth certificate’.

No word yet from Trump as to when we can expect to see his tax returns. Oh, and plus, expect outraged demands for apology over use of word ‘silliness’ in 3… 2… 1…

Meanwhile I’ve got a leak from the upstairs bathroom coming through the ceiling and no sign of a plumber.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: That would seem to be the case.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Deck chair shuffle

Aaaaannnd, the GOP scrambles to pivot to blame the White House for distracting the nation with all this talk of his birth certificate. Talk about blaming the victim…what’s next, “How dare Gabrielle Giffords get in the way of flying bullets and get herself shot?”

@Benedick HRH KFC: Don’t forget Black Eagle’s comment about “carnival barkers” — which perfectly describes The Donald — expect victimized demands for apologies for using such an insulting comparison. Yeah, Trump, it’s insulting to carnival barkers.

Contextual Automated Email of the Day:

By Carlos Aguilar Julio
English version
Limited Edition

Many methods have been written about the collection of beetles in the world. However, only very specific papers were developed until now, for example: the traps, or about specific sampling methods of some families or genera of Coleoptera in the planet.

This book aims provide to the scientific world and for students a collection of knowledge and experience of the author and others professionals of entomology, related to methods and capture techniques, transfer and preservation of Coleoptera, encompassed in a single work.

I’ll be sure to forward to David Cronenberg.

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