The Obligatory 4/20 4:20 Post

Born on this day: George Takei, Crispin Glover, Joan Miró, Harold Lloyd, Jessica Lange, John Paul Stevens, Edie Sedgwick, Don Mattingly, Andrew Tobias, Clint Howard, and Andy Serkis. Oh, and Hitler.


Dude, shouldn’t this be at 4:20 PDT since the tradition started in Marin?

@SanFranLefty: But then it would show up as 7:20 ET, and that’s too complicated, dude.

@nojo: Don’t let The Man and his East Coast hegemony tell the Hamster what time our posts go up – we spark a bowl on our time!

(One of my coworkers just came by and told me she was “leaving work early to celebrate 4/20”)

@SanFranLefty: Thanks for the link. I’m amazed that I have never heard anything about this. I’ve never liked smoking pot myself (makes me paranoid), but I’m close to many people who do like it very much.

@lynnlightfoot: I don’t need to smoke stuff to get paranoid. I do very nicely without, ta very much. I got clued in to the significance of the date last year by this bunch of worn out dopers our dear friends chez Stinque.

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