She’s Running When She’s Not Running, and She’s Running When She’s Really Not Running


Sarah Palin’s website sparks White House buzz

Palin rolled out a new website for her PAC on Monday with significantly more content and features, along with a vehicle for Palin to start gathering email addresses and information from her supporters.

The new site,, is a necessary step if Palin intends to run for president…


Palin has been unusually low-key of late — she’s not putting herself out there as relentlessly as she did in 2010. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, some distance from the spotlight might be exactly what Palin needs to recover from low approval ratings. Her true believers will be all the more thrilled if and when she launches herself back into the fray for 2012.

Proving there’s never a bad moment for a speculative Sarah Palin linkbait story.


Her true believers
You know… morans.

Part of me is going… this is wrong to be judgmental and harsh. Problem I know a stupid narcissist when I see one (hey I worked for a bunch not that long ago) and I know what kind of havoc they cause.

I can’t be bothered anymore to give anyone who supports Palin the benefit of the doubt. She’s a fucking moran (sic) and her supporters are even bigger ones.

“She Grifts/works Hard For the Money”?

@ManchuCandidate: I’ll wait for Benedick or Tommmcatt to claim the toaster.

@Benedick is not as stupid as he looks.: Could be worse. I could be dancing the number at the Remote Office.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, they both
Oh yes, they both
Oh yes, they both reached for
The gun, the gun, the gun, the gun
Oh yes, they both reached for the gun.

And off we go on ropes!

@nojo: Hey now, any completely accurate, leaked descriptions of upcoming plots for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, especially those referencing the long-overdue replacement of the Todd character in favor of a far wealthier, Bond movie-ish villain (Roger Ailes?), better be prefaced by a SPOILER ALERT!

@mellbell: See, the reporters are all puppets on strings taking dictation, and… uh…

Jazz hands. That too.

@nojo: You got my hopes up. I thought it was an incredibly life-like storyboard for Sarah: The Musical.

BTW, what’s going on with that? Are we letting the Spiderman people manage it or something? @Benedick: Get those Happy Villagers back in here!

@nojo: The nice thing about only having enough time to skim is that you are immune to the earworm.

Unlike you poor bastards. I give you:


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