There Goes Trouble

We must admit, it’s been a long time since we’ve read an alt-weekly — there are a couple in Sandy Eggo, but with the advent of the Web, well, y’know…

In recent years, we’ve discovered where Tom Tomorrow went online (and he’s moving to Kos next week), which satisfied our Toon Craving. But we pretty much forgot about Lloyd Dangle, another favorite back in the day. And now that we’ve been alerted to his cyberexistence, it’s only to learn that he’s giving up his weekly strip after twenty-two years.

It’s True [Troubletown, via Tom Tomorrow]

nojo, you said “back in the day”
that expression has been banned on stinque! by your own decree, if i remember correctly. or it may have been bloggy….
in any case, i want you all to watch “The Borgia’s” sunday night on Showtime.
as JNOV said about the Medici’s (same same) let’s watch how politics really goes down. and now i would like to ban “how it goes down.”

@baked: noje uses it ironically so it’s OK. He is actually mocking people who would use ‘back in the day’ by using ‘back in the day’ himself. He gets away with it because of his background in philosophy.

@baked: by your own decree, if i remember correctly

You do not.

OK OK fine…
it WAS bloggy–i remember now.
back in the day, last month, i would have remembered right away.

@baked: Me, I would never think to ban such a useful colloquialism.

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