The Flag Grows Fifty Percent for Each Marriage

“With the backdrop of an oversized U.S. flag on stage at Cornerstone Church Sunday, Newt Gingrich called for a return to historic, Christian roots he said were critical to protecting the nation’s freedoms.” [San Antonio Express-News]


Man, where’s Zombie Sinclair Lewis to slap this fascist fuck when you need him?

Seriously, it’s lately seemed like the Republican party has sat down with 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale and It Can’t Happen Here and used them to build policy…

Trump was born

not grown in a test tube.

(oh, and he is running)

@Capt Howdy: oh, and he is running

No he’s not. Neither is Newt. They’re both pretending, to promote their other endeavors.

I almost grouped both items under the headline “I’m Not a Real Presidential Candidate, But I Play One on TV”.


for that matter neither is Bachman. they are all in it for the national profile.
but still “running”


I have to say though. I think Donald may be in it. also I think the more people like us say he is not running the more likely it is he will just to show up he can if he wants to.

Why does this church have tax-exempt status?

I’m getting an ad that says “Stand with Michele Bachman to defund Planned Parenthood.”

@Capt Howdy: Bachmann may actually “run” — that is, file formal papers and everything. She’s in it for the attention, but she wants to qualify for a place at the debates.

Trump, Newt, and Palin are all just teasing, which serves their purposes. And if you look at old Spy magazines, you’ll see that Trump has been teasing even longer than Newt has.


you are probably right. lets just say I HOPE he runs. the idea of a debate with him and Bachman on the same stage makes me wet.

and speaking of wet, did anyone besides me see Sucker Punch this weekend? curious about reactions.

@nojo: Maybe this will help you give up on the hot amphibian sex, or I may have just welcomed to my “doom”!

@nojo: I still think Newt will compete in a few primaries before pulling out. Trump, Bachman and Palin, not so much. Palin may try and ridecreate a “Draft Sarah” movement just so that she stays relevantmarketable throughout 2012.

@Nabisco: And after he loses? Damaged goods. Bad for business.

Same with Palin. The Tease is more valuable than the Truth.

For Trump, he’s just teasing the new season of his show. No point to it after he’s fired everybody this spring.

And Bachmann? She’s clear that she wants to join the debates. And heck, she could even make a stand in Iowa. A primary loss wouldn’t tarnish her brand, and as a Congresscritter she can always draw attention when she needs to.

I think Ryan is going to make some noise if WI doesn’t blow up first.

Okay — like lots of slightly odd things are happening on the site. Comments glide up slightly after posting, I dunno, I’ve noticed some other different things, too. They’re not bad, just subtle changes here and there. Or it could be firefox?

@Capt Howdy: Fuck yeah. My kid and I saw it and thought it ruled.

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