Amphibian Sexual Positions as Metaphor

Our guest columnist this morning writes to set the record straight about frog fucking, a subject we’re starting to regret stealing from Sully.

The male climbs atop the back of the female, grasping her with his forelimbs, either just behind her forelimbs (axillary amplexus) or around the waist (inguinal amplexus). Amplexus may begin on land, but is usually completed in water, since the eggs must be in a moist environment. Typically, the male and female shed gametes into the water, and fertilization is external.

Males of a number of species of frogs and toads have been known to get overexcited, and amplex inappropriate objects (other species, empty cans, etc.), or, at times, multiple males will attempt to amplex the same female, and wind up amplexing each other in a sort of a ball. 

In related news, this might explain why ADS Solutions changed its name from Amplexus Corporation last December. Tune in tomorrow when we explore the metaphysics of cow fucking.

Hot Amplexus Action [Sully]

Explains this video.

Warning: you may never look at Kermit the same again.

Bullshit. Next you’re going to tell me that frogs don’t actually form Mariachi bands.

god I love metaphors. especially after a few drinks.

Can we get some turtles around here? Frogs freak me out (except Kermit, though him doing NIN is a little disturbing).

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