Teabagger Governor is Clueless

This really shouldn’t be a surprise … GottaLaff put together a video from Mitch Daniels’ appearance on this morning’s MTP (he’s the governor of Indiana):


According to Wikipedia, the platform of the Know Nothing party included:
* Severe limits on immigration, especially from Catholic countries.
* Restricting political office to native-born Americans of English and/or Scottish lineage and Protestant persuasion.
* Mandating a wait of 21 years before an immigrant could gain citizenship.
* Restricting public school teacher positions to Protestants.
* Mandating daily Bible readings in public schools.
* Restricting the use of languages other than English.

Sound at all familiar?

@Dave H: Yes and plus if you put that together with the anti-Freemason party (I know most of the ‘Founders’ were Freemasons but then Foques news got hold of it) the platform is practically identical. In fact, I think the anti-Freemason platform is even more tea-baggerish and would gladly provide a link but I can’t be bothered. I’m sure you’ll understand that in a freedom-loving democracy we all need to provide our own links and not rely on the linkage of others.

I am not my brothers linker.

I can’t bear to watch this performance. “My” governor, and what an excrescence, what a steaming heap he is. He’s a discredit to his species.

@lynnlightfoot: Don’t be too hard on our gov. So far he’s only leased one of our highways to foreign companies to raise a few bucks to, say it after me: “BALANCE THE BUDGET!!” Now that our legislature is reigning in those rich spoiled state employees the happy days will be here again. Once that’s settled maybe our ace legislators can take up that business of changing the value of pi to 3 again.

@Dave H: If we make pi = 3, what will that do to Pi Day?

@Walking Still: Pi is one of those Greek things. They are sodomites.

@Dodgerblue: Well, that tells us how to celebrate Pi Day. Are rum and the lash optional?

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