Douchebag of the Day

Senator James Mountain Inhofe (R-OK) -because everybody knows there’s no such thing as climate change:

This shitbag lies while his state burns – just terrific:


He’s paid well by Chesapeake and Devon Energy, the Kochs, the Club for Growth, and their ilk to argue in direct contradiction to the evidence. That oil whore would happily swear up and down that the world is flat and the Easter Bunny is real for his masters.

@Mistress Cynica: I am pretty careful in my use of the word “stupid” – most of Teabag Nation and the GOP can be described as “willfully ignorant.” On the other hand, I think Inhofe is genuinely stupid. Like Gohmert, like Foxx, like Kyl. he just isn’t very bright. When he speaks you can hear him trying, and failing, to process things.

Did you see the German reporter asking him if he was insane? When he flew in to Copenhagen to denounce the talks and his aides had to throw together a ‘press conference’ on a staircase somewhere.

@blogenfreude: Aggressively ignorant. It’s a point of pride.

But you also have to mix in the aggressively cynical. Many of the leaders are intelligent enough, but they’re all too happy to be on the Billionaire Dole.

@nojo: true – it’s not always all one thing. but in Inhofe’s case, it’s the stupid.

@blogenfreude: Comment from the Stinque Facebook post…

he’s been a douchebag for more than a day! and unfortunately I live in OK, so although I voted against him twice in the last 2 election cycles, he’s still “my” US senator

I can’t imagine living in a state where my government is actively against me.

Also, and possibly related, a landlocked state.

@nojo: I keep raving to my friends back in OK about the wonders of having senators who don’t embarrass you on a daily basis.

@Mistress Cynica: Allowing for the occasional House-member trainwreck.

@nojo: Well, sure. But at least we’re trying to get him help instead of encouraging the crazee.

@Mistress Cynica: Does anyone remember Carl Albert ,Democrat, Speaker of the House during the Nixon Administration? Advocate of Health Care Legislation? Smart guy. Good Man.
An Oklahoman. Even Oklahoma had its lights. Including my folks.

@texrednface: The Little Giant from Little Dixie. I’m afraid his type is long gone. There were a number of progressive politicians in Oklahoma in the years following the Dust Bowl, but now it’s all fundies owned by oil companies. Sad.

@Mistress Cynica: Former U.S. Sen. Fred Harris (D-OK) fucking RULED. I’ve gotten to know him and his family through politics her in New Mexico, plus that I took a class from him way back when I was an undergrad at Lobo U. I last saw him over the summer at a thing marking the 40th anniversary of the return of my tribe’s most tribal sacred lands that he and his former wife were instrumental in. I thanked him for his efforts on that.

/geekness – I read his statements in support of the bill in the Congressional Record one day during a research project at the state archives. I could hear his voice in my head while reading his words. I really like that guy.

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