The Unbearable Lightness of Geeking

Wow! What an exciting week! After incorporating an independent MySQL database within a WordPress display framework, we devised a barebones AJAX widget to handle refresh-free logins with dynamic error messages, adapted a jQuery Javascript plugin to display clickable and auto-loading overlays, deployed another jQuery plugin with CSS rollovers to replace form radio buttons with clickable highlighting images, pulled off a CSS3 gradient to create easily resized backgrounds that default to flat colors in older browsers, handcrafted cookies with salted-hash sha1 session IDs, and… and…


Fine. Be that way. Here’s some bestiality. We have work to do.

[via Ezra]

I love this video. supports my theory that horses are big dogs.

My parents once took my late dog to a park which had kids animal rides including a shetland pony. My late dog started barking at the pony to the annoyance of dad. My mom on the other hand said her barking reminded her of me and my sister whining for mom and started crying to my dad’s surprise. She said my dog was barking the dog equivalent of “Mom! Mom!” and that she still remembered her mom. My dad decided wisely to cut the walk short and take two very sad females home.

Hey, everybody, I just enforced a javascript limit on checked form boxes!

What? You think I’m not still geeking out today?

@nojo: Benedick and I are NEVER gonna get that toaster at this rate.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Just pretend you know what he’s talking about and switch to ALW’s late period.

Besides, after spending most of the day trying to figure out an eleven o’clock number the OH and I watched an old Betty Grable movie and bitched about the wigs. There is so much gay popping out of my fingers I bet half the damn internet catches it. He doesn’t stand a chance. You will get your toaster, li’l cowboy, if it kills me.

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