House Un-American Activities Homeland Security Committee Open Thread

If anyone’s watching at home, New York Congressman Peter King (R-IRA), Chair of the Homeland Security Committee, has started his witchhunt hearings on Mooslems in Amerikuh.

For those of you with stronger stomachs, you can watch it live on C-SPAN or CNN. For the rest of us, enjoy this picture of Peter King back in the good old days hanging with some of his buddies in Belfast:


Oh, by the way – I just set up the threads around here. I can’t watch the hearing – the snippet I saw had my blood pressure go through the roof.

Democrats on the committee should have boycotted the hearing.

Once again I say – until we convince our fellow Americans that sending sociopaths to Congress is a bad idea, we are on the road to utter ruin.

but that was a dirty war. (was there ever a clean war?) and they were not attacking us.

@Capt Howdy: If King is so worried about homegrown terrorists attacking the US, perhaps he should look at the more than 1,000 hate groups identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to take a random Christian Identity militia’s site, swap in “Islam” etc as needed and see how long it takes Rep. King and Atlas Juggs to get completely bent out of shape. After all, it’s only OK for *white* people to be stockpiling weapons, openly advocating the overthrow of the government and training military-style in the woods.

Maybe after King’s done, he can look into the takeover of the Air Force by millennialist evangelicals…

“Fuck the revolution.”

“I’ve had enough of Irish Americans who haven’t been back to their country in 20 or 30 years come up to me & talk about the resistance, the revolution back home, & the glory of the revolution and the glory of dying for the revolution, fuck the revolution. They don’t talk about the glory of killing for the revolution. What’s the glory in taking a man from his bed & gunning him down in front of his wife and his children, where’s the glory in that?”

Bono, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” from “Rattle and Hum”

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