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Title: “The King’s Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy”

Authors: Mark Logue and Peter Conradi

Rank: 81

Blurb: “This official film tie-in is written by London Sunday Times journalist Peter Conradi and Mark Logue — grandson of Lionel Logue, one of the movie’s central characters.”

Review: “It is a non-fiction book, so you cannot expect the kind of entertainment that the film gives.”

Customers Also Bought: “William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls”, by Katie Nicholl

Footnote: So that makes six nominated films we haven’t seen. (And one we haven’t even heard of.) Which won’t stop us from hosting our Academy Awards Open Thread/Marble-Swallowing Invitational at 8 pm ET.

The King’s Speech [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


Only one I’ve seen is the Social Network.

I liked it, but I really wanted to punch everyone in that film as everyone were self serving douchebags.

Don’t really remember last year’s Oscars except a lot of blue people were blue when the Hurt Locker won. Hah… suck on that Avatards.

FYI, it’s the one year anniversary of my mega surgery because of a 4 year bout of appendicitis. Only major side affect is that I’m completely lactose intolerant now (I used to be able to eat some dairy – yogurt and mild cheeses mostly) and switched over to soy products which is no big deal for me.

Thanks in advance. I ponied up for the 99 cent iPad Oscars app and will turn said device over to my wife for the gig whilst I fire up my laptop to hang out here. Looking forward to Tim Gunn handling Red carpet duties. The RC is my favorite part of the evening because I like to gawk at the gals. I lost what little respect I had for the awards when Crash won for best picture in 2004.

@ManchuCandidate: Happy anniversary. Watch out for the soy. It turns you gay.

I’ve already put the OH on notice that any talk of watching the Oscars and he will be watching Don Giovanni instead.

@Right Reverend Benedick:
I don’t get the RW’s loathing of soy, in particular Tofu (which is bland and should be blended into food not eaten by itself.) Tomcatt might disagree here, but there’s around 2 billion Asians who might take issue with that.

Oooh phyto estrogen… jeez, you get more fake estrogen from plastic containers.

I threw a house warming party several years ago and broke out Mom’s korean recipes for some of the food. One of them was steamed Mandu (Korean dumplings) which are handmade (except the skins.) They were the hit of the party. One fellow (a wingnut) loved them and had ragged on me about Soy/Tofu = Gay scarfed them down like they were no one’s bidniz.

My mom’s variation was that the filling is made from ground pork, minced beef, garlic, bean sprouts, pickled cabbage (pre Kimchi if you will) and tofu. I had a rather evil grin on my face each time he told me how much he enjoyed them.

@ManchuCandidate: Isn’t it just another Bad Hippy obsession? Bad Hippies eat tofu, Bad Hippies are Marxist homos, therefore tofu makes you gay.

Kimchee. Mmmmmmm. And also, in Tampa once I had cold noodles with cold fish sauce that was unbelievably spicy and good. Haven’t seen it on a menu since.

I think Catt travels everywhere with his own rice steamer.

For better (The Fighter) or worse (The Kids Are All Right), I’ve seen all ten.

one of the best oscar moments evar came from our jon:

“for those of you keeping score, that’s *3 six mafia*, ONE.
*martin scorsese*, ZERO.”

@blogenfreude: Well, that’s a bullshit column:

“Exit Through the Gift Shop,” however, is multi-layered in negativity and difficulty. Life is a gift, but then you must exit it and die; please leave; thank you for visiting, but the main doors to the museum are now locked.

It’s not a Metaphor for Life: It’s straight-ahead irony. And if the writer disputes that it’s a documentary, the writer should do us the favor of showing which parts are false.

Wow, I’m sitting here watching Fareed Zaccaria interviewing Paul Wolfowitz about the unfolding revolution in Libya… further proof that a neo-con can never be so wrong that he is no longer considered a source of valuable foreign policy insight.

And, oh, for the record: he’s sooo disappointed that Obama isn’t doing more to co-opt the revolution. (The notion that Middle-eastern democracy might arise from within clearly unsettles him.)

@Serolf Divad: One more confirmation that it was a great idea to trade the TV for a truckload of shit taken to the dump.

I haven’t seen anything that’s nominated–actually, I haven’t seen a movie in a theatre for almost two years–so I don’t care about missing the award show itself, but I’m sick I won’t get to see the RC live. Even if I don’t know who those people are, I can enjoy mocking their clothes. And since Tilda Swinton and Helena Bonham Carter are both nominated, there will be a major showdown of RC crayzee from two masters of the game.
If anyone knows of someplace it’s streamed online, pls let me know.

@ManchuCandidate: The one I haven’t even heard of is “Winter’s Bone”. Ten nominees just blurs them all.

Re: Tofu. I’m not a hippie by birth, but growing up in Eugene, you catch it from the arrivistes. (One of my two pairs of Birks is about to celebrate its 30th birthday. I think the buckle’s still original.) For a time, before I got lazy and nuked everything, I really enjoyed tofu fried in seasoned olive oil.

Of course, I really enjoyed anything fried in seasoned olive oil, starting with hamburgers. But still.

Pug doom tomorrow. I have to bring down the crate from the attic.

@Serolf Divad:
Wolfie’s been pretty much wrong since the 70s when he was an analyst for the Pentagon under Rummy known as Team B who took data collected from Naval Intel and said the Sovs were building the biggest most powerful Navy since Britain (oddly, Naval intel said, not and pointed out that they couldn’t afford all those guided missile cruisers–they were right.)

I only saw one movie in a theater in 2010 and that was “True Grit” – the little girl in it is amazing.

@nojo: Re: “Winter’s Bone” – my friend the movie buff who has seen all ten movies nominated for best picture (or whatever the expanded number is), plus any additional Best Director/Actor/Actress nominees said that she thought “Winter’s Bone” was by far the best movie of the year, but it will not win because it came out too early in the year.

Who is the great-looking, tall woman who is interviewing folks on the Red Carpet?

I have to wait until 8 for the thread? But but but it’s happening NOW.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Yeah, I’ve got the TV and the iPad backstage pass thingy fired up. Oh, there’s Jeff Bridges with a buncha women. Way to go, dude.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Mine is! Wow, Jennifer Hudson lost a ton of weight, she looks fantastic.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Her dress did not do them justice. On another note, my wife just announced that her superpower is that she can detect a nose job from 100 yards.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One:
what about the hair? i saw annette in person, she’s gorgeous.
hair/dress horrible.

Ooh, Gweneth Paltrow looks great, but that dress is plain Christmas trash. She’s working it, though.

the red valentino on hathaway? MAGNIFICENT!!!!

@baked: Yeah, that dress is like, Helen Lawson from Valley of the Dolls.

@baked: You don’t think there’s too much gather in the back?
Javier Barden just got interviewed on Backstage Pass. That brought my wife in on a run.

now mrs. robert downey has some grey metallic ugly thing on. will this be a theme?

Oh, her name is Robin Roberts. A TV person. What a built!

tim gunn: what a fabulous color!!! it’s called red, tim, it’s called red.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One:
haha ….like you’re gonna grow up….
who was that hobbit robin was just talking to? who told him not to shave? ugh.
sandy in red. i love red, and i’m already tired of it.

gynnie looks great in gold. nicole should be shot.
red and metallic, red and metallic.

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