We Hate Those Reese’s to Pieces

As our friend Karl said of the original, Spielberg plays your heart with a two-by-four. For the sequel, just add nails.

ET-X: Extinction [via Buzzfeed & Benedick]

Well now this is brilliant. First time I saw it I got totally up on my high horse (surprise, I know) cos I thought it was real. And such as.

Now all I can say is: Fucking fake trailers. How do they work?

Because it hits all the bases. It could so easily be a real movie. I can only imagine that the director is now under contract to Ari Emmanuel and that his next oeuvre will have a $250M budget.

I still proudly cling to my title as the only person in America who never saw E.T.

@Mistress Cynica: For a long time, E.T. was my favorite soundtrack. Very good for blasting out of Advent/1’s.

@nojo: Advent 5002s for me, bought with first high school job paycheck. Survived 25 years of heavy use and three continents of travel.

@Nabisco: My woofers blew (ahem) about ten years ago, but I haven’t lived since then in places where it would be worth repairing them.

@nojo: Mine blew as well, at which time I realized that they were just another large piece of furniture not worth schlepping with me around the globe. I was always envious of friends with 501s, so I finally turned a classical music nerd with a pair on to both acid and Pink Floyd, just so we could commandeer his dorm room. He in turn introduced me to Bach.

@Nabisco: I had a simple test when testing speakers: How well do they play Tubular Bells? If the glasses didn’t rattle, they were junk.

@Mistress Cynica: Darling, compared to Smart Thang? with the Hamm man series? Spielberg is a brilliantly talented director. See 1941 or what I think is his finest film Empire of the Sun.

@Nabisco: I got turned on to Pink Floyd by a jock at the AM/FM album-rock station where I was a news stringer. He sent me to a spare studio one night with Dark Side. When it reached the Musical Orgasm, I couldn’t help thinking, How in hell is this shit legal?

@nojo: Got me some MartinLogan electrostatic speakers and a 10 inch downward-firing subwoofer a few years ago. Diana Krall purrs in my ear, and at volume with, say, Brown Sugar playing, the floor shakes two rooms away.

@Dodgerblue: The Eugene landlord and his partner had six-foot something or others. Classical nerds. What a waste.

@nojo: If I were more skilled, I’d figure out a way to keep the subwoofer from making the CD player bounce. Hardwood floors.

@Dodgerblue: Ah, yes, I remember it well: The Search for Heavy Turntables.

@nojo: @Dodgerblue: Two eyescrews, a piece of 4×4 and some rope always did me well.

Dormroom chic, sure – but it worked.

@nojo: My freshman roommate snored like the generator now running outside of my apartment building. I’d put Dark Side on the turntable, crank it to 9, and drift off to sleep.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Woohoo! Terraist fist bump!
@Right Reverend Benedick: I don’t know what Smart Thang is. I did see Empire of the Sun, and it was well done. It’s just that I avoid heartwarming like the plague.

@Dodgerblue: @Nabisco: I think we’ve scared away the girls. Maybe they’ll come back if we put on some Pablo Cruise.

@nojo: Barry White. Why subwoofers were invented.

When y’all go all audiophile or music geek, it’s like when Charlie Brown’s teacher talks: “Mwoah mwoah. Mwoah mwoah mwoah mwoah.”

I just witnessed 2/3rds of Social Network. Late Joan Crawford without the social realism. Lousy performances.

@Mistress Cynica: Mad Men thing? As for Empire of the Sun the scenes of the Bund collapsing aren’t CGI, they went to Shanghai and shot them and they are amazing. Christian Bale turns in a brilliant perf as the boy. The movie is quite a lot better than the book which doesn’t happen often. That it was not a financial success put a serious crimp in his style.

@Mistress Cynica: Is Empire of the Sun heartwarming? I might have to take it out of the rotation.

@Right Reverend Benedick: Silent Creative Partner and I came out of Social Network dumbfounded: That was it?

And we’re both hardcore Fight Club types. We blamed Sorkin.

@nojo: @Dodgerblue: I was thinking Joni.

@Right Reverend Benedick: SN was enjoyable as an in-flight movie. As for Christian Bale, he is seriously bad (as in good) in The Fighter.

OT: Bill Bryson just reminded me that “Limey” derives the fact that the British Navy opted for lime juice to prevent scurvy. Which, despite not being as effective as lemon juice, was better than rinsing their mouths with urine, which the estimable Capt. Cook thought would do the trick (much of his crew perished).

@Dodgerblue: @Nabisco: You’re both being wayyyyyy too tasteful. You wanna get laid, get some puka shells.

@nojo: @Right Reverend Benedick: I’ve got “Winter’s Bone” in queue for tonight. Either that, or “Bad Lieutenant”, which I found bundled with “Reservoir Dogs” for $9.99 on iTunes.

Depends how the day goes, I guess: finish taxes, and a job opportunity to chew over. Right now I’m trying to let Lou Reed’s awesome version of “Foot of Pride” help me decide whether I should do the dishes or not.

@Nabisco: Just watched (Untitled), which is a mildly amusing satire on the Manhattan art scene. Probably recommended by somebody here, since I have no idea how it got in my queue.

That Adam Goldberg, dude can glare.

@Nabisco: I donno, I never fully got the Joni thing. Take a listen to Diana Krall singing “Someday You’ll Be There.”

@nojo: We’ve got the Banksy thing queued up, if my wife can get out of trip planning mode. My job on family trips is to show up with my wallet.

@Nabisco, Nojo: Me and and buddy Todd blew out a pair of Infinitys when we had a two man wake for Bon Scott the night we got news of the AC/DC singer’s passing in 1980 or so.

Todd. entering dorm room : “Dude, Bon Scott just died from fucking alcohol poisoning.”

RML: “We must drink.”

So we got hammered, listened to AC/DC really loud and blew out his speakers. Dude had one of 120 watt Marantz receiver/amps that were the thing back then. I still crank the hard stuff when I’m home alone.

AC/DC, “Touch Too Much”


@Dodgerblue: I really liked “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, which I stumbled upon for $.99 on the Tunez.

@redmanlaw: My HS buddy had a Marantz, from which he introduced me to Ted Nugent and Little Feat.

@Dodgerblue: I also really like the wife of Declan, mother of Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James.

/George Harrison just came on stage for “Absolutely Sweet Marie”, gotta go/

@redmanlaw: Marantz tube amp? [Cynica turns to Oscars coverage]

@Dodgerblue: The same. Green light on the tuner scale.

@Nabisco: Took Son of RML to see that one last summer. He came out of there so burning with inspiration. “I’m thinking of all the time I could have spent working on my art,” he said on the drive home. That was the beginning of a big push in which he created a lot of really good stencil and spray paint work and some great photos that we used as his portfolio for his application to the New Mexico School for the Arts. He got his acceptance letter today. Two hundred applied, 160 were asked to submit portfolios or audition and 63 got in.

@redmanlaw: Awesome! Just don’t tell him about all those art students who dropped out of school and went on to become rock stars.

I watched “Decline of Western Civilization” (v 1.0 – the Punk Years) last night, and aside from some really awful bands (like the “Alice Bag Band”, later known as “The Bags”), some thankfully brief ones (Darby Crash was a loser, RIP) there are some incendiary performances by Fear, the Circle Jerks and Black Flag. But the film remains, as it should be, a tribute to X.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: No, no, it’s safe. I meant E.T.
@Dodgerblue: Oscar night is the one time in the year I miss having a TV.

@Mistress Cynica: I think they may actually be broadcasting it here locally on one of the Bollywood channels – but I’ll be at work.

@Mistress Cynica: If you were here, you could come over early for the red carpet, live blogging and drinks with Mrs RML, then brats, kraut and chips for The Game.

@Nabisco: @redmanlaw: Just watched. Wow. I had no idea where the Banksy film was going. Nice… nice… nice… What the fuck?

@Nabisco: Derivative crap. But oh, the salesmanship! Perfect for L.A.

Best joke of the movie: The Madonna cover.

Sign you’re raising a kid right: Son of RML directed some people from the union rally today to the top secret locals’ hangout bar where you can buy a burger, beer and nachos and watch sport downtown across from the state supreme court without having to run out and sell plasma to pay the tab.

@redmanlaw: For me it was when a 7 y.o. Jr. took a local kids’ radio show host to school in Beatles trivia.

I trust that both of the kids are too young to know anything about the local watering holes.

@nojo: One of my former law partners is involved in the Shepard Fairey litigation. It’s not art when you steal a copyrighted image and then lie about it.

@redmanlaw: Congrats to Son of.

@Dodgerblue: I really don’t understand why people don’t just acquire the rights.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: It has a very remarkable ending. I think it’s a fine film. He directs actors well. It’s literate and epic. Good movie. But then, I like 1941. In fact I think it’a a hoot.

@Dodgerblue: The Hope image was sufficiently altered to make it original. It’s not just that Fairey ran it through a Photoshop levels filter, or whatever trick he used. The cropping, coloring and setting rendered it clearly distinct from its source.

The law disagrees with me, of course.

@redmanlaw: That’s fantastic. Congrats to son of RML.

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