Wisconsin May Not Be Egypt, But It Might Be Libya

Tweeter JCCentCom is known to his friends as Jeff Cox. He’s also known to his colleagues as a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana. And now he’s known to his employers as somebody under “immediate review”.

Indiana Official: “Use Live Ammunition” Against Wisconsin Protesters [Mother Jones]

Bonus Instant Update!

The Indiana Attorney General’s office announced Wednesday afternoon its deputy attorney general is no longer employed by the agency, after reviewing political website Mother Jones’ published allegations that he advocated the use of force against protesters in Wisconsin.

Deputy AG loses job after tweet drama [WLFI]

You Only Tweet Twice

(it’s not over)

And while we’re in the neighborhood:

The leader of the Indiana Senate said Wednesday that controversial right-to-work legislation that died this week in the House won’t be resurrected in the Senate — and should not have been introduced this year at all.

“It was a mistake,” said Senate President Pro Tem David Long, R-Fort Wayne.

Somebody should work up a map of which legislators are hiding in which states.


they could set up exchange programs like foreign students.


I wonder what the bit about “this year” is supposed to mean – what, did they open the RNC folder labelled “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL FASCIST TAKEOVER IN PROGRESS” too soon?

Here’s how crazy the news is this week: Rahm wins with 55 percent, and nobody notices.

Weather TJ: OMG! Snowpocalypse in San Francisco!!

@nojo: Did you hear that he offered to pay $5 grand to @MayorEmanuel’s favorite charity in order to make him/her STFU? It may be a moot offer, as MayorEmanuel seems to be scripting its own departure as of today–alas.

@SanFranLefty: Cool! I look forward to the sledding photos.

@SanFranLefty: In Orygun, too. Looks like I’ll be hiking up the hill to work tomorrow.

@flippin eck: Yup. Had it on the tip list one day, but it kept falling to the bottom. Same thing’s happening today with an old Rumstud memo that’s amusing, but not breaking.

@nojo: Speaking of which, Barry’s on tap for Libyatalk in about ten minutes.

I emailed the AG in Indiana and got a nice note back. Something about investigating yadda yadda yadda.

@jwmcsame: What’s up with his bad Justin Bieber hairdo?

@SanFranLefty: i can’t quite figure that picture. it appears he is wearing two coats, which rules out him being in san diego. logic would dictate that he is at a colts-chargers game in indy due to the jackets and the end zone being blue, but indy plays indoors. so we got a hometown boy pulling for the other team while wearing two jackets indoors. the jackets must be a liquor smuggling ploy meaning he can’t go the at least $6/beer about 6-7 times a game. also what kinda asshole lives in indy but pulls against my man peyton manning (aka tennessee jesus, aka p. money). i only met peyton once here in rocky top so i can’t get peyton to get some one to whup his ass. but i know a lineman who blocked for peyton who could get some one to whup his ass or do the job himself seeing how times are so hard now. what do y’all think? we’ll see if he wants to back up all that live ammo tough talk.

@SanFranLefty: He looks like Cousin Oliver all grown up.
@jwmcsame: Just one jacket with a detachable hoodie/liner and a thick scarf. Asshole probably just walked into the stadium or was just leaving, which is why he has the jacket on and is either putting on or taking off the backpack strap he is holding.

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