Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Ass on Your Way Out of the Union

Hey y’all! Put on your hoop skirt or gray uniform and pick up that Stars-N-Bars, because it’s time to come on down to Montgomery to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the inauguration of Jefferson Davis as the President of the Confederacy.

Though the swearing-in was a historical re-enactment down to the antique buttons, there were contemporary political overtones. More than one speaker, insisting that “the South was indeed right,” extolled the Confederacy as an example of limited government that should now be followed, and said vaguely that the rightness of the Southern cause was evident by a glance at the headlines every day.

Really, feel free to secede Alabamans. I’d love to not subsidize your asses.  Oh, and I’m looking at you, too, Governor Good Hair.

[NYT: Commemorating Davis’s Confederate Inauguration]

I’m going down there next month to work with some of the communities that got hosed the most by the BP oil spill — communities that the old- boy politicians don’t give a pelican poop about.

revolution in libya. and it’s all zuckerberg’s fault.

@Dodgerblue: Good luck with that. Maybe they’ll get why environmental laws and regulations are a good idea, not to mention regulations on unfettered corporate greed.

P.S. I thought for sure it’d be you or Nabisco who would be the first to get the illustration reference/alt-text. I just couldn’t bring myself to use any illustration that included the Confederate flag — it invokes the same visceral response in me that seeing a Nazi flag does.

@baked: I thought it was Julian Assange’s fault.

It’s pretty easy to blab on about the virtues of Limited Gubbiment when you’re
a) built on a foundation of slave labor
b) sucking on the teat of Uncle Sugar

If the inbred Southern recidivists want to look for examples in the real world that would be akin to what their idea of “limited’ gubbiment would look like, Somalia would be the best bet.

Meanwhile, Burma’s generals threaten Aung San Suu Kyi and her followers with “tragic ends” if they persevere in their uppity behavior of calling for reform of the government leadership.

@SanFranLefty: RML would have gotten it as well, were he not off testing his bionic knee. You could have run with American Stars ‘n Bars as well.

@SanFranLefty: @baked: As predicted by Monica Crowley on the McLaughlin Group, the events in the Middle East will bolster the “nascent candidacy of John Bolton”. Credit or fault goes Shrub and Liz Cheney according to some. Listen for this drum beat to get louder.

This is the quote of quotes in the article:

“What is it in a man,” he asked, repeating the question for emphasis, “that would cause him to deny his fellow man the pride and dignity of his heritage?”

The irony is jaw torquing.

@SanFranLefty: I actually got that! I was so excited–musical references usually go right over my head.

@SanFranLefty: I recognized the album cover, but I can’t see alt-text on my iPad. BTW, the changes to “Sweet Home Alabama” are the same as “Werewolves of Lomdon,” but the cadence is different.

@Dodgerblue: Cool tip, thanks. All night basketball marathon in high school featured “Werewolves…” and “Lawyers, Guns and Money” at the crucial 3 am time-slot when the siren song of a soft mattress nearly overpowered the ability to put together a basic pick ‘n roll.

This just in from Wisconsin: Scott Walker vows that he’ll “fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet.”

Oh, that’s Libya. Oops.

I dunno, I think the fact that the NYT let this stand unchallenged is repellent:

It is the right of secession that they emphasize, not the cause, which they often describe as a complicated mix of tariff and tax disputes and Northern attempts to politically subjugate the South.

Anybody who doesn’t immediately follow this with, “But given the ACTUAL REASONS cited in the secession proclamations (link to text), this is utter bullshit” is carrying water for the goddamn neo-Confederates.

Tea Partiers sing Cannibal Corpse*.

Back from Colorado. Supermassive winter storm up at the ski area (30-60 mph winds, 0 degrees windchill, hazardous driving conditions) so we said fuck it and rolled back to Santa Fe after a fucking awesome day at Wolf Creek ski area. We’re going back for spring break. We’ll ski a bit a the local area tomorrow just for grins. The arthritic knee started grinding away yesterday when I was following Son of RML through the powder in the trees. The pain was like getting kicked in the nads. Might have to do with him dragging me down these steep ass black trails for half the morning. Applying alcohol ( a malbec) internally.

*old school Florida deth metal

@SanFranLefty: the folks in auburn, alabama sure understand environmental hazards now and so soon after their national championship:

i often wonder why the southerners playing dress up army in the civil war re-enactments don’t realistically portray the war of alleged northern aggression by falling down dead or dropping their guns and running away.

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