Atlas Drowned

Just when America teeters on the verge of admitting Libertarians into polite company, John Stossel steps forward to remind us that they’re all batshit crazy:

Here’s a novel idea: Escape the suffocating chains of intrusive government by starting your own country!

That’s Patri Friedman’s idea. He comes from an impressive line of libertarian thinkers. Milton Friedman, the Nobel-prize-winning free-market economist, was his grandfather. His father is David Friedman, author of the libertarian classic “The Machinery of Freedom.” Milton Friedman advocated severely limited government. David Friedman thinks we need no government at all. And now Patri believes he has an effective solution to bad government: communities on the ocean surface, or seasteading.

To be clear, this isn’t some fanciful Ark, a rhetorical device to express the wistful desires of disenchanted progs to depart for the high seas and indulge in wanton drug-fueled orgies live a life free of people like John Stossel. No, Miltie’s Grandspawn is serious:

To promote actual experiments in seasteading, Friedman’s institute seeks to launch a “Seasteading Evangelist” program, with local chapters for enthusiasts. By 2015, the institute hopes to present its Poseidon Award, “our prize for the establishment of the first independent seasteading community.” To win, a community will need at least 50 full-time residents, financial self-sufficiency, seastead real estate for sale on the open market and de-facto political autonomy.

And soon as that’s afloat, we’ll send out some pirates so the pioneering seasteaders can really enjoy life beyond the suffocating chains of intrusive government.

Is Seasteading the Future? [Townhall]

The Seasteading Institute


Poseidon Award? I’d recommend the Golden Trident to the first “seasteaders” to link up with the Aden Stargate.

The combination of crazy among those crews would scare off even the bravest of Somali pirates.

It’s like the old Chinese saying about riches except about ideas

The 1st Generation Wins the Nobel Prize
The 2nd Generation drinks the kool aid
The 3rd Generation goes out and proves that the idea that ‘won” the Nobel Prize isn’t even worth a pile of shit.

This kind of claptrap is only possible among people who have spent their lives cocooned by a strong and effective government.

@Benedick: I see a Lord of the Flies in the making. Part of me thinks that’s terrible, but part of me thinks it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

@Dave H: You really think they’ll get off their barcaloungers to go get wet? How will they get their Doritos? How will they pay for their Wonderbread? Where will the hospital be? How will they connect to townhall? Not even the commenters there are buying into this. Have any of them ever seen the Atlantic in winter? Have they even been beyond the territorial waters?

It’s worth clicking about on the ‘Seastead Institute’ (sic) homepage to see delusional thinking at its most creative. Good news is that yes, there will be hairdressers on board. Which I assume means gay bars. So the world is safe.

Speaking of people who are up a creek without a paddle:

Teabaggers in South Dakota surveyed

The best part: FORTY-THREE goddamn percent are on Social Security. Wow.

All the nutty Libertarian adolescents (I’m speaking of maturity, here, not necessarily biological age) who fantasize about building their own nations really, really, really need to sit down and read Animal Farm.

come on
I think this is a fabulous idea. particularly with the increased risk of super hurricanes caused by the nonexistent global climate change thing.

of course what would actually happen is that we would have to rescue them and then feed and house them when the stupid thing sinks.

Rhetorical device my ass! Thousands of people do it, alone, as couples or families on small boats. There are economies of scale to be gained from doing it in a tribe-sized group. I was always serious, even if the chances were nil.

Hey Patri … see you at the Olympics, douchebag.

@Benedick: Of course this won’t happen. They’d need guest workers to clean the bathrooms, scrape the rust, and paint. It’s cheaper to build gated communities in Central and South America.

Better yet, grant Gov. Good Hair’s dream of secession and set them free to all go to the Lone Star State Republic. I find myself strangely bereft of sympathy for family and friends in Texas who are suddenly freaking out because they’re eliminating art/foreign language departments at schools; closing down the trendy elementary schools in Austin; cutting six weeks off the school calendars and going to four day a week classes. Oh, and they haven’t repaved IH-35 in years.


Even my Dem friends – many of whom are involved in politics and campaigns – traditionally have viewed the GOPers’ rhetoric as a joke or not serious.


Sorry, I just really can’t gnash my teeth over the fact that friend’s kids are going to get shittier educations and/or that family members are losing their teaching jobs. Maybe you should have gotten off your fat ass and bothered to vote!

/get off my lawn

I am doing the best I can. Please don’t give up on us.
Please don’t cut my people adrift. :(
Perhaps you will find this amusing:Conservatives beating up Texas Conservatives

@texrednface: I think I’m really annoyed because I recently spoke to my parents who were bitching about Perry’s craziness and how they want to move out of Texas and get away from all of the teabaggers, but that they like not having a state income tax. They both retired early, and their combined income from their pensions is more than what Mr. SFL and I make combined.

That sums up the entire reason why our country is fucked.
Fucking Baby Boomers.

/damn, I am in a cranky mood this morning.

@Capt Howdy: Well, if they were free of oppressive government agencies like NOAA, they’d never know it was coming. And not one Coast Guard helicopter takes off until we have a credit card number.

What you need, (we all need here in the State), is a sit down and read with a good Mollie Ivins column. Alas….

@texrednface: How is it that a state that produces amazing bad-ass politico types like Molly, Ann, Barbara Jordan, and Lady Bird, or awesome musicians like Lyle or Willie, or great journalists like Bill Moyers or Walter Cronkite, can also produce idiots like Warren Chisum, Rick Perry, or Shrub??

@SanFranLefty: The same could be said for our great state of California, no?

@SanFranLefty: I don’t know. Your post makes my eyes well up. It’s heart breaking.

T/J: fucktard alert, and not from Texas or California:

Mike Beard, a Republican state representative from Minnesota, recently argued that coal mining should resume in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, in part because he believes God has created an earth that will provide unlimited natural resources.

“God is not capricious. He’s given us a creation that is dynamically stable,” Beard told MinnPost. “We are not going to run out of anything.”

Beard is currently in the midst of drafting legislation that would overturn Minnesota’s moratorium on coal-fired power plants, an effort that he backs due to his religious belief that God will provide limitless resources while ensuring that humans don’t destroy the planet trying to get them.

@Dodgerblue: I don’t think California produces people at such extremes of the spectrums as Texas does. Frankly, I can’t think of that many bad-ass characters on the Molly Ivins end of the spectrum that California has produced.

@texrednface: What makes me cry is to think that all of the bad-ass women I named are no longer with us. Thank FSM that we still have Willie Nelson.

Jesus Christ, I am in a terribly depressed mood lately. Need to get the shrink to up the dosage of the happy pills.

@SanFranLefty: C’mon down here for a beach walk and drink. I’ll round up Catt and Cassandra.

@Dodgerblue: He should tell that to Glenn Beck, G. Gordon Liddy, and the other experts shilling for Goldline these days.


clearly we are never going to run out of fucktards.

Someone’s having fun…


We have received a request for this email address to join the Seasteading Announcements group, hosted by Google Groups. In order for us to process this subscription, we need confirmation from you.

Reminds me of when my friends would sign me up for sex-toy catalogs.


better than a pizza at three in the morning.

I didnt do it btw.

on the other hand this may be fate intervening in your life to save you from the coming Obamapocklypse


you know when I googled “steady state” having only heard the term I was expecting it was from, oh, 1700s maybe.


In cosmology, the Steady State theory (also known as the Infinite Universe theory or continuous creation) is a model developed in 1948 by Fred Hoyle, Thomas Gold, Hermann Bondi and others as an alternative to the Big Bang theory (known, usually, as the standard cosmological model). In steady state views, new matter is continuously created as the universe expands, so that the perfect cosmological principle is adhered to.

@Dodgerblue: It’s not pouring buckets in SoCal like here? Gahd, it’s miserable here.

I think he should be taken up on his offer, as long as they build the plants in HIS district with short stacks (none of this “I’M IN UR STRATOSPHERE DUMPING TEH MERCURY” business that some plants do).

My favorite part of that was the comparison of the free-market evangelism in the Texas books to Soviet books. THAT ought to get a few teabaggers in a huff…

@Capt Howdy: @karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Actually, my first guess is that the Seasteaders found our link to them, and added God themselves.

@Capt Howdy:
Wow. I guess dipshit Minnesota guy doesn’t believe in the laws of Thermodynamics (which ironically are used to justify Intelligent Design.) They want their endless oodles of matter and entropy, too.

Has anyone ever been on a cruise? It’s fucking dreadful. Enforced idleness and limitless booze is not good for people. The transatlantic liners were better but we were on one that took 10 days to cross (soviet) and had it not been so hilarious would have been very hard to take. Living on a platform with 300 fucktards is my idea of hell. Even if there are hairdressers.

@Prommie: Explore the fjords of Norway and I could get onboard. Take it out to the islands and I’m there. But it’s only an escape. It can’t last more than a few months. People need work to do. Unless the three or four of us who aren’t lawyers just keep suing each other to keep Stinque Law occupied while you pump the bilge and prepare exquisite food.

Speaking of unlimited booze, we ARE NOT DOING OUR SHARE. People, Europe is way ahead of us in consumption as the Economist makes clear with big pretty map. Drink a martini (not too dry, let the vermouth breathe): don’t let the terrorists win.

In other breaking news: Spiderman is talking to a new book writer. What amazes everyone is how Julie Taymor is still in charge. The producers clearly don’t know how the theatre works. When a musical is in trouble first you fire the costume designer. Next the director. Further indicators that the producer is clueless is the fact that the person they are talking to comes from TV and has written for the Spiderman comic books. In other words: he’s clueless too. To make any changes to a show so complex they will have to close down to re-do all the changes to script (set-changes, costumes, quick changes, flying, cueing, etc). The cast must be working its last nerve and they are not building an advance.

@Benedick:I went on an Atlantis cruise to the Carribian years ago, which I loved. Of course, I was still single, young, and pretty then, so I was getting random blowjobs from cute guys and basically getting laid every night so it’s hard to say exactly what part of the cruise I was loving. If I was getting random blowjobs from cute guys and getting laid like crazy at the dentist’s office I would probably report loving the dentist’s office too.

Does this Spiderman fiasco include the old TV series theme at any point? Because if it doesn’t that was their first mistake.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: I don’t think so. It’s been (ominous music) re-imagined!!!!

As to shrimping on the high seas, in the real world , aka, where there are str8 people most of whom are over 60, it’s not so much BJs, it’s more drinks with umbrellas and filthy food.


Im guessin he could neither spell or pronounce Thermodynamics

And in other inane “Hands off my Medicare” idiocy:

Minnesota Democratic congresswoman threatened after proposing that the Department of Defense stop spending $7 million/year sponsoring race cars in NASCAR.

ADD: My favorite comment on the TPM story. FSM I hope it’s a satirical comment:

“Rep. McCollum – It’s not taxpayer money. It’s Army money. They can spend it however they please.”

@Benedick: The TX Dems once fled to Ardmore, OK to prevent a quorum for redistricting.


I have started following this with great interest. its like watching the religious right and wondering how bad it can get.

The Julie Taymor show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive Broadway production of all time, and one of the most troubled. It has been delayed multiple times, beset by injuries and subsequent investigations and union issues, and met with a scathing critical response. And yet, because reason rarely triumphs over curiosity, tickets are selling like crazy. The official opening date has been pushed back to March 15, and now in the three weeks before that date producers have reportedly hired Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to rewrite the book originally created by Julie Taymor and Glen Berger.

how much would you pay to see a train wreck?
in two acts.

@Benedick: If they had balls, they’d also renounce their U.S. citizenship.

@Capt Howdy: The nerds at Comics Alliance say Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa actually has some street cred in the matter.

I’ve also heard that “preview” tickets are selling for full-price. So while they may be throwing money down the shitter, some of it’s floating back up.

@nojo: He might have street cred but does he have Musical Theatre cred. In other words: are we going to have to look at Happy Villagers all night?

@nojo: No one discounts previews any more. The show is likely costing more than $1M a week just to turn on the lights. If it grosses 1.2 or 3 it is operating on a very thin margin. Unless it is steadily building an advance, meaning selling out 6 months in advance, it is on very thin ice. Two losing weeks could cost $2M. How much is left for advertising? (Probably a lot) How much is left as a buffer?

@Capt Howdy: All they can do by March 15th is add some jokes. Anything that affects mechanized cues takes huge amounts of time to change. J Taymor has no clue about acting and the cast must be exhausted. I doubt they’ll open then. If they do delay again they’ll miss the Tonys deadline. But the show won’t win anything anyway. Maybe best lights. Unless it’s nominated as best show it won’t be included in the telecast which, strange to say, still sells tickets. Unless they close down for a month, hire a new director, go back into rehearsal, re do all the tech elements and flying, they might just as well open now so everyone can get some sleep.

in the comics world he definitely does. I think it might require a real superhero to save this pigfuck though

@Dodgerblue: And in the Montana Legislature, there’s a bill that says that the State declares that global warming is a good thing for them.

@SanFranLefty: Brand W reports that a GOP representative proposed an amendment that would prohibit any spending on teleprompters for Obama.

Fucking world really is going to hell. The lunatics have taken over the asylum; see my facebook, I am going to look for that song.

@Nabisco: I’ve had Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip stuck in my head for days now and thought you may like it as well. The lead singer, Beth Ditto, has a voice that’s very Janis Jopliny.

@SanFranLefty: Sunny, cool, and the King Tide did not wipe out our beaches. Sposta rain tomorrow.

@¡Andrew!: Not bad, but a little too 80s New Wave diva for me. In that track at least, she sounded like she was trying to channel Pat Benatar and whichever of the two Heart sisters married Cameron Crowe.

I appreciate the thought. It’s been awhile since we’ve traded musical tips; where’s Cassandra been? Prom has been on a roll via FB.

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