Westminster Night Two Open Thread

Hey dog lovers, cheer for the Cane Corso!

And more Best in Show moments:


It’s the mop dog!

baked, where are you? I did this thread at your request….

No can do. I’m Pekingese all the way.

Although Leonburger looks cute and sounds delicious.

OMG look at that Mastiff!!

The Swiss Mountain Dog was gorgeous. This is a tough group. (Working Group). My dog was definitely in the “Non-Working” group.

Newfie working the crowd and made the judge laugh!

And now it’s the First Dog’s cousin. The official cut of Portuguese Water Dogs is so silly looking.

I love Rottweilers. Cute and lethal is my kind of dog.

I want to stage a fashion intervention for so many of these owner-handlers.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Just like you, amirite?

Attn. Female Dog Handlers: For the love of FSM, wear sports bras and clothes that aren’t super tight if running around the ring.

Kissing up to the White House?? Portuguese Water Dog wins Best of Working Group.

Agent Mulder makes me cry in the ads about dogs at the shelter.

@SanFranLefty: That dog looks like a lighter, hairier version of Yoda.

Norwich Terrier! Everyone loves a terrier!!! Best in Show in Best in Show

And I think Prommie owns one (or one owns Prommie and Ms. Prom)

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I had a Rottweiler once. Great dog. Smart, loyal, and would attack on command. She was great for scaring away proselytizers. You’d be surprised how quickly a couple of elderly Jehovah’s Witnesses can scramble onto the hood of their car.

@Mistress Cynica: COTD: “You’d be surprised how quickly a couple of elderly Jehovah’s Witnesses can scramble onto the hood of their car.”

I have an unrelated question. You know the expression to “queer a deal”? Is that offensive? My wife says strictly speaking, no, but best to avoid it. I say it’s different from, say to “welsh” on a bet because it didn’t start out as a slur on a group.

@Dodgerblue: As a general rule, a str8 white man should never use the word “queer” regardless of context. In addition to selecting amazing eyeglasses for you, your wife is a good source of advice.

ADD: That said, I will defer to the ghey Stinquers on this, but the phrase raises my hackles the way words like “niggardly” do.

ADD2: Betty White and rescue dogs!!! <3

@Dodgerblue: Remember what happened to the dude who used “niggardly.” Better safe than shunned.
Related: I’ve heard it debated as to whether the legal slang “build a Chinese wall” is offensive. I always took it to be a reference to the strength of the Great Wall, and thus more complimentary than racist, but what does a WASP know about these things?

@Dodgerblue: No. Not in my opinion. I would never hear that as anything other than the old phrase. Also, I know it as ‘welching’ on a bet. Nothing to do with short dark people from Cardiff. Uh oh. Here we go again.

It’s looking as if Friday will be pug doom.

Meanwhile I just bought the complete Casanova. 12 volumes. 3,500 pages. My life is officially over.

Best in Show starting!!!!!!!!!!

Deerhound?!?! A Deerhound? I guess I missed that yesterday. Now I’ve totally got to cheer for the Deerhound because wasn’t that baked’s recently departed baby??

@Benedick: Mr. Benedick finally won you over on Pug Puppy?

The judge is an Italian named Paolo. No word if Moroccan hookers will be there for the after-party.

@Benedick: I don’t remember that phrase.
/showing her (younger) age

@SanFranLefty: baked’s baby was a Borzoi, I think. But I’m all for the deerhound. I get so sick of little dogs winning.

@Mistress Cynica: “Chinese wall” is only used in banking and legal worlds. And like you, I’ve always interpreted it in a positive way (especially after the late ’90s/early ’00s relaxing of investment laws).

@Mistress Cynica: You’re right. And agree w/r/t little dogs.* I’m off to research the difference between a Borzoi and a Scottish Deerhound. I would think that our favorite Scot Benedick would be rooting for the Deerhound.

*though the Pekingese is cute…

@Mistress Cynica and SanFranLefty: The Borzoi is also known as the Russian Wolfhound, which makes it sound like it is related to a Scottish Deerhound.

They sure as hell look like cousins or half-siblings.

@SanFranLefty: Saw on the WKC website (which is a horrible seizure-inducing mess, btw) that the shar-pei is named Miss Jayne Hathaway, which makes me love it a little.

@Mistress Cynica: Oh Hayell to the yes, and she has a very swishy handler. The WKC Facebook feed is much better than their shitty website.

And now we see Jamie’s favored dog. A hairball with the cutest pink tongue, all attached to a leash.

Stop blathering, Paolo, announce the damn winner!

@SanFranLefty: Not really. It’s a dumb idea but whatever. It’s not like I don’t have dumb ideas. He’s favoring a black pug. In my opinion three dogs is enough.

@Benedick: Three dogs are plenty. Four dogs = Crazy Dog Couple.

‘jus sayin’…

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: So, um, this is like a mixture of Sport and Fashion, right? My mom and crazy(ish) aunt watch it – but the only dogs for me are mutts, and the occasional Lab. There are some extremely healthy street dog mixes over here in NotTibet.

@Nabisco: The best dogs in the world are from NotTibet, from what I’ve heard from people who got mongrels in Tibet or are gay men paying thousands of dollars for Tibetan Terriers. There in Tibet, and/or the beaches of Baja Mexico.

And yes, that’s why WKC is so fucking awesome. The bizarre mix of sport, (bad) fashion, and PUPPPPEEEEEHHHZZZZ!

After consultation with Dr. Hendricks due to the absence of Dr. Bombay, I plugged in the electric guitar and came up with some very nice fake War-era U2, which came out better than my fake Monster-era REM. There was some Neil Young and Crazy Horse to be heard when I was playing Motorhead style metal. Mrs RML liked the fake U2 I played her. Son of RML said “don’t burn out my headphones” I have plugged in to the amp. I told him he’ll need to get them exorcised.

ADD: figured out the opening riff to the REM tune “I Took Your Name” right before bed last night. Open tuning + barre chords and power chords and low standards make life easy.

FUCK…i missed this and y’all last night!!!! i was passing out holding my eyes open with toothpicks cause i wake up at 3 am and also taking demerol for my sciatica. why an old fuck like me is partial to monster dogs who knock me on my ass, i can’t say.
didja see the CANE CORSO???? naturally, Bella is prettier. and i didn’t like how they described her. they said she was the dog of the gladiators, but not how lovable and wonderful they are. fred was actually frightened from the booth, did you hear him? “that’s a serious dog!” Bella and i were annoyed.
cyn is correct…my Beloved Sergio was a BORZOI or russian wolfhound.
still haven’t even seen all the results, ran over here first. there is a Deerhound on my island! gorgeous dog…who owns my 2 dear gay friends!
omdeargod, what the fuck is it with the handlers? there exists no group of people begging more for a fashion intervention! is this deliberate? so we must turn our eyes away and look at the dogs?
must run and see all results and highlights.
Love the BIS pics header…spit coffee!

omg Lefty, the link to Cane Corso you posted at the top looks EXACTLY like our Bella!!!!! love the brindles!
they needed a person in the pic for perspective of how HUGE they are though…..

10 month old Bella pics in sandbox shortly…

nothing cuter than a black pug…so be crazy…
i would like to add a deerhound to my pack, 3 is my minimum.
and perhaps a pug.

@redmanlaw: I’ve been speaking to my Brokers lately, about important matters.

@Prommie: That the one with the cheesy plastic bowler on the cap?

@Dodgerblue: @mellbell: @Mistress Cynica:
i’ve admired them long time now…but they are major shedders. i’m choking on dog and cat hair as it is. i love them too.
the ONLY dog i do not want is a chow. knew a nasty one, and martha stewart favors them. eww.

crack coverage den mommy, i’ve looked at the slide show TOO many times!
it’s your turn, you know the first thing i do when i wake up is look for “your turn” xoxo

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