“Shirley Sherrod, who was fired from her USDA job last year after Andrew Breitbart posted online an edited video of her, has filed a lawsuit for libel and slander against Breitbart in D.C. Superior Court… Breitbart was served with it this weekend, while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference.” [TPM]


Ran across this on another blog today, and although it’s a bit old (circa 2009, as far as I can find) it’s still interesting (albeit depressing) reading:

I had no idea that there were open Fascists running about in India…

@Dodgerblue: TPM at your service.

Breitbart is making First Amendment noises. But he needs to show that Sherrod was a Public Figure, and that his video-editing wasn’t done with malice, in order to receive generous legal protection. (Oh, and she was a government official…) Libel suits aren’t slam dunks, but maybe she can at least trip him up a little.

@nojo: She should sue him in England the UK. She could also sue him for lack of lips, sneering, arrogant douchewankery, and an incomprehensible level of self-confidence based on no discernible talent save spite.

I would think he’d be sweating a little.

@nojo: Thanks. For legal/blogger geeks, the issue of what court has jurisdiction over a blog post that can be viewed anywhere in the world is not an easy one, leading to forum-shopping opportunities by plaintiffs. I’m not saying that Ms. Sherrod did this, but I’m guessing that a D.C. jury is more likely to look like her than a jury in rich, lily-white Brentwood, CA.

@Dodgerblue: What if Breitbart maintains a DC office?

I don’t know whether he does, but WorldNetDaily is registered in Medford, Oregon, south of Eugene. Yet clearly Joseph Farah works out of DC.

Related question: Sherrod herself was presumably a DC resident at the time of infraction. Does that affect her ability to file there?

@nojo: Yeah, the residence of the plaintiff is very important in these cases, or any libel case. She can argue that DC, where she lives, is where the injury, or part of it, occurred. A tougher case would be if she went to a plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction in, say, south Texas, and brought suit there.

Can the jury find for the plaintiff and order extraordinary punitive measures, like flaying Breitbart and company alive on pay per view?

@FlyingChainSaw: More realistically, most insurance policies don’t cover punitive damages, so Brietbart may have to go out of pocket.

@Dodgerblue: OOP? Please! We are talking Right Wing Welfare. There will be Protect Freedom Fund established before you can say pencil peen.

Pam Geller demanding Grover Norquist must go. The beginnings of a full-on Jacobin revolt (oh please oh please! i will be good i will be good). Can we vote on whose head goes first?


I suspect Norquist may end up on the losing end of that argument – it’s a lot easier to motivate the crowd that’s turning into the Republican base with outright religious hatred than with abstract concepts like “tax reform”. Most Republican politics the past couple decades has been a mix of handouts for the high-earners and carefully coded attacks on minorities (“welfare reform” = “get the n-words”, “arts funding” = “gheyz funding”, etc) for the hoi polloi anyways – and Geller and company have demonstrated that it’s no longer necessary to be coy about what’s going on.

Everybody seems to be suing everybody else. I feel left out. Who can I sue and for what? Let’s get the Stinque Hive Mind to work, people.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:
Can you sue Entropy for me? My car fell apart this weekend and I’m looking at a 2K repair bill.

Considering the exchange rate which is around 1:1

@ManchuCandidate: 1:1. Really? I thought it was like 14 Canada wampum unit = $2 Americanski plus pack of Marlboro Lites.

@ManchuCandidate: I might be going to the wilds of Cape Breton this summer with family. Any suggestions?

Never been there, but my parents have.

Cabot Trail for sure.
Fortress of Louisburg

Cuisine is akin to New England. Is Lobster Kosher?

Travel to PEI (for the Anne of Green Gables) and the local beauty, um, potatoes.

Thanks to uncertainty of the US America dollar and the relative stability of the Canada City Economy. Funny money no more.

@ManchuCandidate: So it’s like 100 Canada City moneys = whatever US boss say = $40. Good to know.

@ManchuCandidate: Is Lobster Kosher? No, but I don’t think Dodger is either.

@Mistress Cynica: Half of me is. But no part of a l0bster is.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m sorry, but as long as that bitch is on your money, it’s funny. (We won’t discuss the 20-dollar bill.)

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