Vote for Harry Baals!

At first glance, Fort Wayne’s former Renaissance Center doesn’t look like a candidate for the next installment of the Stinque Guide to Phallic Civic Landmarks. But then you learn the ex-Ren’s secret weapon:

Despite garnering far more support in an online poll than the thicket of other suggestions, residents shouldn’t expect Fort Wayne’s new government center to be named after the city’s longest tenured mayor.

Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy said naming 200 E. Berry St. the Harry Baals Government Center was “probably not” going to happen.

Yes. Baals. Harry Baals. Pronounced just like God intended, although his kids preferred the less-embarrassing “nutsack”.

Which explains why Harry Baals is enjoying a runaway lead of 2,771-312 in online voting against his closest competitor.

And really, Fort Wayne, there’s no escaping fate. The current runner-up? Johnson Memorial.

Harry Baals building unlikely [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, via Political Wire]

What did they expect in an online (probably unmoderated) poll?

If Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf can be named People’s Most Beautiful Person…

Speaking of unfortunate names.
There was once a Conservative candidate running for federal election known as Richard Little except he preferred to be called Dick.

His signs had Dick in small font and LITTLE in very large font.

I wonder what his signs were telling us.

I know that his campaign manager was an idiot.

When was fun made illegal in America? Sigh.

Ahh, man, I’m not going to give the City of Ft. Wayne my email address just so I can vote for Harry Baals. Just think of all the tourism/chamber of commerce shit they’d be sending me.

Speaking of Harrys, yet another area in which Harry Reid has no baals.

@ManchuCandidate: dick trickle used to peter around nascar tracks to a pit stop whenever he got a flat tire. really. google it up.

You won’t have Harry Baals to kick around anymore.

You always wonder (or at least I do), when people inflict names like this on their newborn babes, is it innocent ignorance or underhand malice or simple embarassment on the part of a more clueful party to the naming process that lets the lifelong joke go forward? I do know that I’m grateful that when my husband and I were considering names for our soon-to-be child, I suggested Roman, after my Polish grandfather, if it should be a boy, to which Paul (lover of language, adept at crosswords, anagrams, and cryptics) replied, “I don’t want to name my son ” ‘Roamin’ ” Lightfoot.”

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