More Race Baiting at Fox

Does it surprise anyone that Fox News has decided to launch a salvo against the latest call for political civility –the suggestion that Democrats and Republicans sit side by side at the State of the Union address– by making a mocking, sardonic reference to the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement? (Click the image at left to expand the headline that reads “‘Kumbaya Seating’ at State Of the Union a Distraction?”)

Two years ago, a Republican congressman from South Carolina enthralled the Tea Party faithful by shouting out the words “you lie” as our nation’s first African American president delivered the traditional State of The Union message to Congress. For showing such infantile disrespect to president Obama, congressman Joe Wilson was hailed as a hero, and came to embody and give voice to the hateful bigotry of those who cannot accept that our nation, the world around them and the times, have changed.

I have little doubt that many of those who question Barack Obama’s citizenship and country of birth do so because they see in their fanciful conspiracy theories a vain hope of clearing America of the “stain” of having been governed by a black president. If Obama is illegitimate, then he never was president in the first palce, and America’s history governance by white males remains unbroken.

Kumbaya, people.


I can’t see it as anything but.

The biggest lie of them all:

Truth… no teabaggers stood up and bitched about it when W blew the Clinton “surplus” with his tax cuts to eelights and one unnecessary war (that was kept off the books) with the then biggest deficits of all time. From what I recall, there was acquiescence.

I say we leave out one seat and watch the scramble before the music ends. Preferably in the SCt section. I assume they won’t be forced to sit with the unwashed.


Forget that – take out 20% of the seats and when Republicans whine about it tell them they need to “work harder to find a seat and stop waiting for government handouts”, or maybe “accept a reduced-quality seat” or even that they should have been more polite to the “seat creators”. ;)

Seems like a good place to mention that the SOTU Open Thread launches at 8:45pm ET.

@nojo: I should get my nacho making materials together early. Also in today’s news: martini-free for three weeks now.

@al2o3cr: Heh.

@nojo: Yeah, I won’t be conscious by then. Someone tell me how it all works out. Please, oh, please, let someone scream something offensive, and keep your eye on Ryan’s response. He’s a bastard, which means he’s in line for Preznint.

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