We’re Sorry, We Haven’t Been Paying Attention, But — Willow?

“As part of his plan to remake all of pop culture in his image, Will Smith has begun prepping to update the musical Annie as a vehicle for Daddy’s little X-chromosome edition Willow, who’s been preparing her whole life to play the singing wind-up plaything for a rich man.” [AV Club, via John Hodgman]


Perhaps Willow Palin can be the understudy.

Nothing more annoying than a family of self promoters.

I don’t see the problem. If she’s any good it’s a pretty good idea. Great first act. Second act not quite so good till Easy Street comes along and tears up the joint. Not sure why you’d need to update it, though. Oh, it’s a movie. Never mind. Well the first one was pretty dreadful so they’ve got a pass. Who knows. Anyone can act in a movie. And maybe she’ll turn out to be another Diana Ross in The Wiz? In my book a very very underestimated performance.

I have no intention of watching the poor child whip her hair.

What does Jada have to say about this? She seems to have sense. I’m assuming this is her child, too. Will has a kid about my son’s age from his Philly GF from the hood, but I think the rest of his spawn are from Jada? I could be wrong of course.

ADD: Ugh. Jada is on board.

@Benedick: Well, she’s not any good if Whip My Hair is any indication of her talent. Or it’s just a really crappy song and video. Okay — I think all three apply.

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