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This just in: Sarah Palin blames the Media. On TV. Where she works.

@Benedick: You have to give credit where credit is due. Palin is nothing if not consistent. Her unbroken string of completely asinine statements continues.

I still blame Juan McCain for thrusting this egomaniac into the spotlight.

@ManchuCandidate: Oooh, man, I can’t handle the words “McCain” and “thrusting” so early in the morning.

Plus, she claims a ‘blood libel’ is being made against her and Fox (I suppose). Does she know what ‘blood libel’ means? Or that Giffords is Jewish?

I wonder who produced the video. Who directed it. Who supplied the crew. Who did hair and make up. Who paid the motel bill? What was the budget? when was it planned? How long did she rehearse? Fox in-house production? The Kochs? If I were a reporter I’d be trying to find out.

Yes, I am wearing tinfoil. It brings out the pink in my eyes. How kind of you to notice.

Like the Tucson shooter, she believes that words have no meaning — so she can say anything she wants. Truth is not an issue.

I was unwilling to accept that Sarah Plain and Dumb was never, ever going to be President until I saw this. She’s now totally radioactive. If she bothers to run, she comes 4th in Iowa and New Hampshire and it’s lovely-parting-gifts time.

But wouldn’t you know it: Michelle Bachmann is just as nuts and not nearly as toxic. If she’s smart (and for all the crazy she’s offered, she’s very shrewd), she might start thinking about becoming the new Queen Bee.

@chicago bureau: I hope you’re right. She is already running, of course, and has been for some time. But this might just be her tank moment. It will make those who love her love her more but give those who are only curious a case of the screaming habdabs.

Any moderate who would think of voting for her in a general election would have to shed the “moderate” part of their self-image. 2012 could be a close-run thing, but if Sarah’s the nominee, the GOP may face a Mondalian landslide. And everybody besides Sarah knows it.

@chicago bureau: Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.

@chicago bureau: You also seem to be forgetting that voting is still at least nominally secret — I could have voted for Shrub twice in a row, and written him in the third time, yet maintain a Black-Eagle-lovin’ façade the whole time. Moderates needn’t shed anything but their self-respect, and we now have a whole industry promoting just such actions, and providing “cures” when you realize that you also shed part of your soul.

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