Surveying America

We first became aware of Seattle’s The Stranger almost twenty years ago, when we were attempting a somewhat similar, though much smaller, enterprise in Eugene. Here’s one reason they survived, and we didn’t.

That and Dan Savage, of course.

Sneak Preview of the Cover of The Stranger This Week, Created by Dan Savage and Aaron Huffman [Stranger Slog, via Daring Fireball]

I can’t believe they left off Harry Truman. In 1950, President Truman’s residence was attacked by Puerto Rican nationalists. A gun battle in the streets of Washington left two dead and several wounded. Here’s the story, which I remembered from reading about the Secret Service as a kid.

The Secret Service had a fucking water cooled machine gun in the hallway, as I recall. That’s fucking metal!

add: tribal constitutional crisis avoided, clients will be installed into office this week.

@redmanlaw: I’m guessing they wanted to follow the original’s 20 entries, and Harry didn’t make the cut. But that’s me being generous.

@nojo: According to the comments they left Give-Em-Hell Harry off because although he was the target, he was never actually in the line of fire. Aren’t we lucky that in 230 years we have so many political assassination attempts that we can leave off a raging gun battle in the nation’s capital.

at first glance,i thought it said, “Surviving America”

paraphrasing Lefty:

1) update facebook status
2) duck and cover

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