My Life as a Duck

Eugene Register-Guard, Sunday, November 18, 1979:

Khomeini orders some hostages freed

No, not that.


No, not that either. Lower.

Dismal day

If you were among the standing-room-only crowd of 41,235 fans at the University of Oregon-UCLA football game Saturday at Autzen Stadium, you know how wet it was. If you weren’t there, this gives you a good idea of what you missed. For Duck fans, the game was as bad as the weather. The Bruins broke on top early and sloshed their way to a 35-0 victory over Oregon…

Okay, fine. It rained and the Ducks sucked, neither of which was news in 1979. So what are we doing with a generation-old newspaper clipping in the files?

Ah. The Man in the Yellow Hat mocks our anti-Sport pride.

In which case, we’re condemned to announce that our BCS Open Thread/Knothole Gang/What the Hell is a Knothole Gang? takes flight at 8pm Eastern. Don’t do it for us. Do it for that idiot kid who had nothing better to do than watch a crappy football game during a downpour. Maybe he’ll share the flask he’s hiding.

A Brief History Of the Ducks For the Curious Auburn Fan [Track Em Tigers]

How We Saved Donald Duck [Stinque, 1/1/2010]


I gotta say I’m all for the Ducks here. I’m a big fan of their hard-charging offensive game. Big worry for me is if Cam Newton gets all up in everyone’s face and slows them down. He’s a real good thrower and Auburn’s got some super big guys to back him up. As we’ve all seen in the past, Cam always finds an opening.

Tickets being scalped at $15,000 each. That seems affordable.

Bring it on!!!!! Go Ducks!!!!

What? No special post marking the date?

It’s 011011.

Poor wet hamster.

@Benedick: Wha? Did you copy and paste that from a Sport blog or something?

@flippin eck: Big fan here. Ducks rule. Bring it on!!!!11!

BTW. Did you see this? Ay up, lass.

Freeman McNeil was on that UCLA team, no?

i just came back from my vet to pick up critter supplies and she was crying. what’s wrong? dallas greene is her neighbor here in provo and she has known Christina since her mother was pregnant with her. she was here for the holidays and just left on january 1st….she was indeed a bright beautiful child….
i was already shaking. some nitwit called palin “her girl” on a friends FB thread and i responded in a manner i haven’t used since my love letter to layne. i let out a rant that will be reported. and then the vet.
i’m fit to be tied.
carry on.

@baked: Big breaths. Perhaps walkies might help?

i also stopped at the pharmacy…lorazapam is melting under my tongue.
i’ll be my what-passes-for-normal-self very soon. xxx

OMG. iPhone on Verizon!!! Can it be true? MyVerizon site is down. Are they getting it ready for tHE BIG LAUNCH???? I’m like majorly stoked and such as. Can I finally get an iPhone like the cool kids?

Ducks got big points over Tigers on rushing points and passing points. All they got to do is listen to Kelly and power past Cam. No problemo.

@baked: Don’t tempt fate, medicate.

Breaking News: This is weird – former Congressional aide and wife of White House deputy director of legislative affairs found dead in a burning car behind her house on Capitol Hill.

Someone in an earlier thread joked that pot smoking would be blamed for the Tucson shooting. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

aaaaand it’s the gays fault in 3…2…

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut:
I haven’t personally checked into this, but I suspect there’s a significant overlap between the “violent RW rhetoric had nothing to do with this” and the classic “school shootings are caused by violent video games” crowds. I guess it’s another case of IOKIYAR.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: If this rate of evolution keeps up, Benedict will be a starred commenter at Deadspin by the end of the day.

@Benedick: Yes, Verizon iPhone announcement tomorrow, availability by the end of the month. Rumors say unlimited data plans.

My UO post drew an OSU ad. Bastids.

@nojo: Sweet. Now Imma be down on all my teams.

Oh wait… sorry… I thought it was My Life As a Dork. Well look at the photo. Sex offender testing limits of surveillance. Yadda yadda.

My bad. Go Ducks. Whatevs.

(This is about spandex, right? And locker room wrestling?)

@Benedick: If all football teams were named after defenseless waterfowl, the world would be a better place.

@nojo: How about U.C. Santa Cruz (Banana Slugs) and Evergreen State College (Geoducks)? Oozing invertebrates have defenseless waterfowl beat in the most helpless mascot competition.

@nojo: Ducks v. Tigers. Generally that doesn’t turn out well for the duckies.

@Dodgerblue: Few things do. Or did.

The link in the post is from what appears to be a fellow native, a few years older than me. He, unlike me, cared that the Ducks sucked for generations. Me, I thought a lousy football team was one of the charming things about growing up in Eugene.

@SanFranLefty: You probably know that the person (male or female) who reigns over Eugene’s annual festival is the Slug Queen.

Status report just in from a local correspondent:

I shall endeavour to show as little interest as possible, but I suppose with all the hype I might actually want to know the outcome. This town is in a state of Duck insanity. I don’t know what will happen if we win….or lose, for that matter!

If I was in town, I’d be rooting for the Tiggers, just to shut everybody down.

@SanFranLefty: My friend who was the Evergreen State athletic director quit recently. In addition to being AD, it was also “intermural coordinator and other crap jobs,” so she bailed.

It’s late. I’ll dig out Duck t-shirt circa 1994 from trip thru Eugene and go look at the tube

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