Obama Gets An Early Start Undermining the High-Income Tax Argument

“In bidding a sort-of farewell to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, he noted the ‘relatively modest pay’ for which Gibbs has labored. In fact, he earns $172,200 in a nation where the average family income hovers around $55,000, unemployment is high, record foreclosures persist and wages for most folks are at best stagnant.” [Atlantic]


The Atlantic has a point though, but when compared to many within the press corps, Gibby was underpaid. Just to point out considering the quality of US America news journalism these days, it would mean that most of the WH Press Corps is grossly overpaid.

@ManchuCandidate: Except… except…

Being the flack for The Preznit of These United States is not exactly a career-breaker.

Meanwhile, two Paultards chatting away at the Remote Office:

“Lincoln was assassinated because he was trying to destroy private banking.”

“Funny that as soon as JFK was assassinated, we went off the silver standard.”

Following which our two interlocutors whip out their dicks and compare silver holdings.

On the Tardometer I think Paultards rate highest.

I’d like to be modestly paid like that. Make it an even $150k, I’ll suffer with the indignity, if that makes it easier.

Related, from the Department of plus ça change: Bill Daley to be the next White House COS…

In 2005, and not counting the Missus (Does Gibbs have a Missus? Does she work?), $172,200 would put you in the top 6 percent.

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