Making the Case for the Public Option

A newly elected GOP congresswoman from Tennessee makes the best case yet for the need for a Public Option in the Health Care Reform Act… but, of course, being a Republican she’s completely oblivious to that fact.

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The importance of the public option for Health Care Reform is nowhere more evident than here: the Public Option wasn’t intended merely as a way for the Government to get involved in the business of providing health care insurance. It was needed to prevent health insurance providers from blackmailing the government by threatening to rescind coverage to certain groups, or pull out of certain markets altogether. With a public option in place, the government could have called their bluff, inviting insurance companies to forgo the profits they might gain from servicing a particular market. As it is, health insurers now have enormous leverage over future legislation regarding coverage and pricing.

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I dare the evil fucks that apparently run the insurance business to start announcing this sort of thing for real. It’ll make it far easier to justify why they should be put out of business by a real single-payer plan.

I’ve always suspected that health insurance is what keeps US Americans scared out of their minds and firmly in the the grasp of the oligarchs, er, employers.

I don’t blame ordinary folks who are so scared that they’ll do whatever their bosses say (although I do those who get the impression that they’ll be rewarded by it.)

As someone who has lived under the tyranny of Single Payer, I know that it helps reduce that fear to more manageable levels as well as allow folks to tell their bosses to go fuck themselves more often.

I think the further this goes down the insane route, eventually folks are going to wake up to this. One thing about the slow witted is that it takes them a bloody long time to figure shit out, but watch out when the match is lit.

She just doesn’t have the fucking guts to say it out loud, if you hear a sneeze from the bassinet, stuff a revolver in it and empty the fucking magazine if you want to keep living the fuck indoors.

And insuring 24 year old is high fucking risk? She fucking believes that? Fuck you. Fucking die, fucking take the fucking baby blaster and stick in your fucking ear and get it the fuck over with because you are so fucking stupid you are a threat to fucking western fucking civilization,.

@FlyingChainSaw: I’ve missed you, sunshine.

@ManchuCandidate: I recently interviewed for a job but withdrew my application when I learned about their health insurance plan (or near lack thereof).

@SanFranLefty: It’s bee nuts. Non-stop. Just finishing days emails – and I’ve been at in since 7:40 AM. Be out your way, Mountain View, later in the month. . . if I can finish my email.

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