Because Celebrating the First Woman Speaker Was a Complete Waste of Time

“Austerity is the theme of Boehner’s ascendancy to House speaker this week, placing the start of this new Congress in stark contrast to the more lavish festivities that accompanied Democrat Pelosi’s swearing-in four years ago.” [WaPo]


Dept of Oh Holy Fuck: Toddler’s legs, left hand amputated after 5 hour wait in hospital ER.

Jeffers and Yang, his fiancé, took their daughter to an urgent care center, where specialists told them to go to the emergency room. By the time they arrived at Methodist, he said, splotches that looked like bruises had developed on Malyia’s cheeks, and she was “getting really weak,” he said. “After a while, she couldn’t even walk,” and her fever had jumped to 103 degrees.

Jeffers, 29, said he pushed for immediate care, but was rebuffed. After about five hours, he said, he ambushed a nurse and demanded to see a doctor. The physician took blood samples that suggested Malyia was in liver failure, Jeffers said. She was taken by ambulance to the pediatric intensive care unit at Sutter Memorial Hospital. Doctors there had her flown to Stanford aboard a helicopter.

It turned out the girl was in septic shock from a Streptococcus A infection that somehow invaded her blood, muscles and internal organs.

The Stanford team put the girl on life support and gave her medicine to boost her blood pressure. They ultimately had to perform operations to amputate her lower legs and her left hand, which had been irreversibly damaged by a lack of oxygen.

In lighter news from Sacramento, and back on topic, Moonbeam was serving hotdogs on the state capitol lawn today for his inauguration.


My favorite part about the “go to urgent care / go to ER” tapdance is that you’re still out the $150 you ponied up up front to get seen at the urgent care (at least here in Columbus) *and* you get to go wait for hours and hours AGAIN!

Boner is the first Oompah Loompah Speaker of the House.

Isn’t it typical. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

there has never been an orange speaker of the house

@Capt Howdy: Son of RML got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, btw. Our guest room has now been transformed into the workout/gaming room/teen lair.

@MellBell: who won’t give a fig about health care, amayerite?

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