Show Us Your Grinch, America!

First Baptist Dallas is collecting casualty statistics from the War on Christmas. A few samples:

  • “Even though the restaurant has put up Christmas decorations, if you’re an employee and answer the phone, we have been told to say ‘Happy Holidays.'”
  • “Employees would only respond with ‘you too’ when wished a Merry Christmas.”
  • “Excessive use of ‘holiday’, no mention of Christmas. With a name like American Airlines, come on.”
  • “They refuse to allow the admissions offices at any site to put up anything that may be offensive to those seeking information about the university. That is anything of a Christmas nature.”
  • “Though I am a frequent flyer with Delta they did not mind offending me, a Christian, with an email stating ‘Happy Holidays From The Delta Family’.”

Surely somebody can come up with better horror stories than that…

Grinch Alert

I would like to declare war on my neighbors Ho Horrendously overwrought yard decorations. looks like I live next door to a casino.

are we supposed to prank the grinch website? that could be a lotta fun.

@jwmcsame: are we supposed to prank the grinch website?

I cannot responsibly ask you to do that.


I will take that responsibility.

definitely, PRANK the grinch site.

For the dominant religion, they seem to be rather insecure with themselves.

BTW, isn’t the Grinch a creation of noted liebrul Dr Seuss?

@Capt Howdy: no, no, gosh, golly, heavens, no, stop, oh dear…

Please have your dog whistles tuned to D above High C.

From the Naughty list:

Rockwall Isd
Rockwall, Texas

“They won’t let anybody say Marry Christmas”

What really disgusts me about these Christianist fucks is that they (and the rest of the RW noise machine) were the exact same yoyos that insisted that the Park51 not-GZ-not-mosque should respect that *some* people might be offended by their choice of location. Apparently, the prospect that *some* people might be irritated by chirpy-fuck-clerks yammering about their invisible sky god hasn’t dawned on them.

So how should I classify the Macy’s at Union Square here in Ess Eff in the wake of SantaGate?

Argument for Nice: They had a much-loved Santa John wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Argument for Naughty: They fired Santa John, after out-of-town adults were “offended” by his joke about knowing where naughty boys and girls live. Why does Macy’s hate Christmas?

P.S. Santa John got hired by Lefty O’Doul’s (no relation to SanFranLefty) bar to be their Santa for more than twice the pay.

@SanFranLefty: Went to school with a Mari Christmas — she pronounced it mahr-ree.

Cripes if that’s the best they could find, could own this index with something creative like a cooking contest for the best recipe for Eat the Baby Jesus Stew or something.


The Rockettes came to San Diego last weekend and my family was delighted that they included a manger and wise men scene in their show. They were giving glory to God! What a blessing it was for us to see that scene. All of us remarked about it after the show. Thank you, Radio City!!

High-kicking, stiletto-wearing wise men are keeping the Christ in Christmas, y’all.

Okay. I’m going to see if the brain power in this living room can come up with slogans.

First one so far:

JNOVJr: I took a cab to work the other day, and the driver wished me “Happy Holidays,” so I pulled out my Leatherman Tool and started stabbing him.

The Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas looks and acts remarkably like the character Beverly Leslie.
He stirred up controversy in Dallas with his television broadcast sermon “Why Gay is Not OK”. He seems obsessed with the topic.

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