Because, Y’know, Media Matters Has a History of Advocating Violence

“Clay Duke, the man who opened fire on a Florida school board Tuesday, posted a ‘last testament’ on Facebook decrying the wealthy and linking to a slew of progressive sites including and” [TheBlaze]


The Pope gets it on. Eyebrow waxing and shaved groins come to the Vatican. BTW, what is up with that ghastly floor? (Hint: You do not want to miss this. It is one of the strangest things I’ve seen in at least two days. The boys are wearing white and if you look closely you can see their thongs under their pants. So I’m told. So is it some kind of new Easter celebration? Bless me, Father.)

What is it about Nazees and Boys From Brazil?


was going to ask what the chick was for but I see. to hold the coats.

@FlyingChainSaw: It means that wingnuts are going to revel in joy that a purported progressive pulled the trigger. “The Blaze” is Beck’s website.

@Capt Howdy: Oooo. Mmm. Tasty. I have eaten haggis. It’s very good. The chopped lungs give it bite. And don’t screw up your face. Anyone who has eaten a hot dog has eaten far worse.

Why does an image of Catt float into my ken?

BTW. Now I’m home I must go look at your trailer.

@Capt Howdy: Holding the coats. Saddest definition of a hag I’ve seen yet.

@Benedick: The thong ain’t all you can see through those white pants. It looked like Benedict was drooling by the end.

@Benedick: I prefer to think of the things I’ve had in my mouth as “far better”, thank you very much.

I did not know the Pope was a Republican.

I have heard Haggis has peckers too. last thing I want is a pecker in my mouth.

indeed. and blue lights.
that cutaway to the look on the popes face made me feel dirty.
I liked it.

I liked the cutaway to the nuns waving white cum rags hankies. (Note to self: JNOV gets shocked by use of ‘cum’ spelling for cum. So… )

@Capt Howdy: Whenever I get a pecker in my mouth I spit it out.

We are now officially Stinque After Darque: Homosex Edition.

btw Malick fans the Tree of Life trailer is up.

man knows how to light a scene he does.

I liked that one of the rubes said “God Blocked the Bullet”.

I’m sure.

and I guess that means that god wanted these 16 teenagers to die

seems fair.

@Capt Howdy: Oh wow. He’s the best. Doesn’t do well with actors so his movies sometimes have holes where the performance should be. But very original. I loved The New World despite the craptastic performances.

some times dumb but always beautiful.

just like I like my boys.

@Benedick: Whoa. How did you know that? If it’s just something you noticed and have remembered, Damn! You’re good. (Yes, it’s “come” mmmkay?)

@Benedick: I thought they were waving their panties, like at a Tom Jones concert.

@Benedick: I bite it. (I have commandeered Firecracker’s PC (blech blargh ick), because I’ve been missing youse for like, what, two days. A fucking lifetime.)

@Capt Howdy: Hey. Did you make that supersecret gamer announcement? Did I miss it?

JNOVJr: I see more than thongs.

Firecracker: It’s like Cirque du Soleil up in that bitch.

@JNOV: As Purcell put it:

Come come, ye sons of art,
Come come away..

Like Brad just gone splort in yer eye? I think not. It’s ‘cum’.

@Dodgerblue: It had that 60s vibe. It’s not unusual..

There is much to be said for white spandex pants. With stirrup straps. I wear them around the house whenever possible.

@Benedick: Ahem. No facials, thank you very much. That’s one of the many benefits of having a long torso. No one has the range.

My illiterate ass must Google Purcell, but before I go check out the Lobster Scoundrel-oppressed Irishman, the votes in The JNOV Home for Wayward Youth go a little something like this:

Firecracker: What’s wrong with cum?

JNOVJr: Depends. Is it on a porn site?

Me: Well, it’s Stinque, so I’m not sure.

JNOVJr: Oh, cum, then.

@Benedick: Pfft. I imagine you hopping around the house starkers.

@Benedick: Oh. Hay! I can play the flute! Bring on Purcell!

@Benedick: That actually happened, at the Vatican, publicly, on film?! Here I thought that nothing the Church did anymore surprised me, but, wow.

@mellbell: I thought it was a fake video at first, but if you Google “Pope and shirtless acrobats” you’ll get hundreds of hits on MSM.

@JNOV: I vote for cum.

@SanFranLefty: Sheesh. Am I the only one around here with some sense of propriety?

Jr and Firecracker thing we need a Vox Stinque to settle the matter.

@JNOV: I can’t set up polls but I’m sure that if you ask nicely Nojo will set up a “Come or Cum?” poll for next Monday.

@SanFranLefty: Okay. Here goes:

Dear Nojo,

May we please have an “Oh, COME all ye fuckers” Vox Stinque? For the holidays, such as?

Love and admiration,

PS How’s your range?

@JNOV: Not what it was. Not hitting the headboard any more since you ask. Not dripping off the ceiling so much. Not flooding the sneakers out in the hall.

Can we settle the whole come/cum dispute without Cyn? I’m with Lefty. My vote is for cum, as it is less likely to cause confusion among the local shepherdesses.

@mellbell: Not only did it happen at the Vatican but the Pope allowed himself to be filmed eyeballing hairless chesty Sicilians while going blort all over his stole.

@JNOV: Only if it offers an alternative of “CUM all ye fuquers”

Everything’s classier with a Q.

@Benedick: Wait. Just whose range are we discussing?

@JNOV: May we please have an “Oh, COME all ye fuckers” Vox Stinque? For the holidays, such as?

Depends on my mood Sunday night. Although given the week, it’s probably going to be about stocking stuffers. Which still might work.

(Note: The StinquePad suggested Stocking Stirrers. I regretfully declined.)

PS How’s your range?

Needs cleaning.

@nojo: Speaking of cleaning, I can’t get the insipid Xmas carol of “Cum All ye Faithful” out of my head now.

@SanFranLefty: That look on Kari’s face when they cut a car in half with various tools and torches on the Mythbuters Green Hornet show on now was one of . . . great satisfaction.


PS How’s your range?

Needs cleaning.

So does my oven.

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