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Bat-shit crazy anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, which pickets the funerals of U.S. soldiers, announced today it will be protesting at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards.

She supported same-sex marriage long before it was popular to do so, and was an advocate of universal health care and social justice.


Hmmmm. I’ve always wanted to see Raleigh. Road trip, anyone?

really looking forward to the reaction from Fred if they actually do get around to repealing DADT.

excuse the TJ but
in case I get drunk and forget to mention this tomorrow (its office christmas party/potluck tomorrow so I get to go home and cook in the afternoon)

the day after tomorrow, SATURDAY DEC 11TH on SPIKE TV on the VGAs (video game awards) that thing that I have been unable to talk about for the last six months involving that famous mexican director who must, today, remain nameless, will be OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED!!


not sure how big a deal it will be but judging from the internet buzz I expect it will be hard to miss.
but if you do I will be talking about it on monday.

Some one with the desire and ability to do something about it has finally had enough of fred phelps shit. This guy lost his legs. He obviously figures that he has little else to lose. That makes it very dangerous for fred and the folks. I’ll wager this guy is not the only vet looking for some payback. It’s only a matter of time before some one at westboro baptist takes an ass whuppin or worse.

@jwmcsame: Someone said that we should not give into their hatred; that’s just what they want. You know what? Fuck that shit. I hope someone eliminates these motherfuckers.

@rptrcub: it’s a fine line between not acting like them and giving them what they deserve. when it happens, it’s probably gonna be in the south. i know a few here who would wade into the westboro folks and do some serious damage short of murder for nothing more than a hefty bar tab in return. most cops wouldn’t do anything about it either.

Maybe I’d better stay home until I learn to spell.

@JNOV caint believe she did that: cain’t is a word. just like ain’t. round here anyway

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