Earth Wind and … Pomplamoose?

OK – so I’m a little obsessed with her:


Is this that band Nojo was in?

Got to play some electronic drums at the music store while waiting for Son of RML after his piano lesson which includes making beats, remixing tracks on the fly and cool stuff like that. Anyway, the drums had a nice response to dynamics and made me sound good on the death metal blast beats, fast punk stuff and Big Rock Beats.

@redmanlaw: Ha!

Actually, they do a pretty decent job on Philip Bailey’s falsetto. I guess being a chick helps. Or it’s Auto-Tune…

Seriously LOVE EWF! Best music for driving down US 1. You know you Can’t Hide Love cuz That’s the Way of the World.

Well, bless your soul…. Ow!

Oh man…

“That’s the Way of the World” is one of those songs from back in the day that just time-warps me.

Every time it comes on I’m suddenly back in Mr. Shobe’s ( one of the cool teachers with a classrom radio) 8th grade English class sitting next to the radiator under the window, three rows back from the front, right behind Jenny Walker.

Mmmm. ;-)

@pinkoscum: So awesome!

You will find
peace of mind
When you look way down
in your heart and soul
don’t hesitate
cuz the world seems cold
stay young at heart
cuz you’re never old…

I was once on hold with Amtrak for about an hour, and they had “September” playing on loop. It was spectacular.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Neener! Neener!

Great minds and all that. Or were we separated at birth? You decide.

@mellbell: That’s very so awesome!

Having an Elements Minus 1 party on my FB wall this morning. ETA: September is there. Live and stuff. EATA: Maybe not. Will be rectified shortly.

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