The Only Thing Worse Than Being Talked About is Not Knowing What’s Being Talked About

“The Library of Congress has blocked access to the Wikileaks site on its staff computers and on the wireless network that visitors use, two sources tell TPM.”


The Library decided to block Wikileaks because applicable law obligates federal agencies to protect classified information …

In answer, I give you Inspector Clouseau …

@blogenfreude: My understanding is that most or all of the cables are classified “NOFORN”, which Wikipedia sez means “no foreign nationals” may view the content.

This seems to be technically unclassified, but restricted in its distribution.

Or, it may still be “classified” — I’m not researching this deeply. But it’s very low on the Secrecy Totem Pole — accessible to, say, an Army dude with a blank CD and a taste for Lady Gaga.

TJ: Department of Why The Fuck Didn’t I Think of This? (And talk about a money printing machine):

If you’ve ever been tossed from a taxi for necking with a same-sex paramour, sporting leather and chains en route to the San Francisco Armory, or harassed by your cabbie for donning drag designs, a smart new option will now safely whisk you around San Francisco. It’s called Homobiles, a 24/7 queer car service that caters to LGBT folks around the city. (However, you don’t have to be gay to use it; all kindhearted souls are welcome.) The rate is $1 a minute.

How does it work? Well, like another other cab company, but for ease you can text your address with cross street and name to 415-574-5023. We’ve used it on several occasions and never had to wait like we typically do for Yellow Cab or Luxor cars.

@mellbell: Well, you won’t get anywhere in S.F. traffic but you could get somewhere with your seatmate.

@mellbell: Took an 18 minute taxi ride this morning that cost almost 14 bucks – this is not unusual.

@blogenfreude: Sometimes it pays to live in a relative backwater like DC, I guess.

@mellbell: DC still have the crazy zone system? I used to game that so well, stand on the correct side of the street, make sure to get out before you cross another zone line…

@SanFranLefty: They don’t anymore (Senator Levin saw to that), but I live just outside of what used to be Zone 1, so I’d always have cabs drop me off just below Florida.

@mellbell: “(Senator Levin saw to that)”

Yes, D.C., the Congressional plantation.

@SanFranLefty: All I can say is, “Good luck trying to repeal gay marriage, assholes.”

@mellbell: They need to run that goddam train out to IAD.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Friends don’t let wives of morally crippled ideologue reactionary douchebag judges dial drunk.

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