Happy Holidays from Nigeria!

“Nigeria will file charges against former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and officials from five foreign companies including Halliburton Co. over a $180 million bribery scandal, a prosecutor at the anti-graft agency said.” [BusinessWeek]


It’s Old Man Potter! Hide the puppies before he drinks their blood!

Dick “Dick” Cheney shouldn’t have answered that email from a Nigerian Prince.

Like Cheney will pay a price for anything he did.

What court is this in? The Court of In Your Dreams? I’d like to see the Nigerian government try to extradite Maximum Dick Cheney.

Great. They can use the proceeds to procure more stones for killing the wimminz and the gheyz.

WTF is this The Daily Cannibal business? Clicked on the ad. Think something’s fishy.

Just saw an ad on Metro, “VIPs Trust GW Hospital for Cardiac Care.” The copy began “We can’t name names…” and was accompanied by an obvious close-up of Cheney’s torso with his hand over his heart. Only in DC.

TJ. Took some interesting beaver related pics today. Will post in that other place.


There are definitely some weird ads on the Metro – I was visiting a friend out on Pentagon Row last time I was out there, and at least half of the ads were major defense / aerospace contractors. Seemed a little baffling, sorta like Coke and Pepsi ads; after all, if you’re responsible for buying planez and gunz, shouldn’t you already know who “Lockheed” is and what they do? I’d have suspected that was a pretty basic qualification for the job…

@al2o3cr: I think those are to make us feel good about wasting money on unnecessary weapons system.

@blogenfreude: I think he’s dying. I’ve thought so for a while.


It’s just that we can’t find that last horcrux….

@Dodgerblue: Do you really need to see? I personally would rather look at pictures of the crypt keeper. Nude.

The crypt keeper, not me. Nude, I mean. Or both. Or either, really.

@mellbell: They should have included a picture of Reagan being wheeled out of the old GW Hospital after they dug the bullets out of him.

@Benedick: He’s the type of evil fuck that would will himself to die in 2010 before the estate tax is reinstated. And I will dance a jig.

@Tommmcatt of Avonlea: BTW the 2011 Pirelli calendar is out, featuring nekkid guys and girls. Surf over to Jalopnik.com. They also have an amusing video of an 800-hp Mustang engine blowing up during a dyno test.

@blogenfreude: Ugh. The gold on his wrist — extracted from the teeth of dying unionized workers?

I dunno. He may look like shit b/c he’s lost weight on doctor’s orders — he’s had how many heart surgeries? Take a look at Bill Clinton in 2009. When the portly become thin later in life, they start to look quite peaked.

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