Grinch Sweepstakes Draws Strong Entry from Atheists

In one of the greatest works of American Letters, Sylvester McMonkey McBean markets Star-On and Star-Off machines to unwitting Sneetches, who pay him for one or the other service until they’re all broke.

Kind of like billboard companies:

Atheists and Catholics have posted dueling billboards in New York City, creating a metaphysical face-off near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. One, put up by the group American Atheists, proclaims that Christmas is a “myth.” The other, posted by the Catholic League in response, urges commuters: “You know it’s real. This season, celebrate Jesus.”

A word to our Comrades in Hell: Lay the fuck off. You can enjoy the snow, gifts, carols, even Linus reading the Gospel without fearing for your intellectual integrity. Joy to the World, assholes.

Atheist ad campaigns stir the pot during holiday season [Yahoo]

Right? There’s no need to be uncivil about it.

WTF? Since when did atheists have to be bigger douches than the Catholic League?

@Benedick: Or more strident in their beliefs than the evangelicals?

Unrelated, except for a shared sense of “WTF, religion?”:


I can’t even think of anything witty to say about this that doesn’t trigger Godwin’s law. WTF.

@SanFranLefty: Organized Atheists are like Organized Anarchists: They’re missing the point.

Hmmmm. Maybe my donation to FFRF could be better spent…

Took leftover potato from Thanksgiving and recreated Nana’s Latke Recipe – let me know if anyone wants a post on it.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: 1/3 ratio of onion to potato, one egg per potato, and a bit of breadcrumbs and salt did it, but I can be more specific later. Potato and onion through grater on food processor, then mix the rest in and let it rest.

Re: Scientists discover genetic explanation for Republicans.

That’s not fair Benedick, getting me so excited that there might be a cure in the offing.

@Benedick: @DElurker: Is it wrong that my first thought upon seeing the pictures of those critters was, “Mmm . . . peanuts”?

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