My Country ’Tis of Me

Title: “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag”

Author: Sarah Palin

Rank: 8

Blurb: “Ranging widely over American history, culture, and current affairs, Governor Palin reflects on the key values that have been such an essential part of her own life and that continue to inform her vision of America’s future.”

Review: “I thought this was going to be a book of virtue and faith. Instead it was a book in which Sarah Palin puts down anybody and everybody who does not agree with her philosophies and beliefs.”

Customers Also Bought: “Barbara Bush: A Memoir,” by Barbara Bush

Footnote: Mama Rose Grizzly scores a difficult Triple Whore Score with a photo of Trig, Tripp and Bristol on the Amazon page.

America by Heart [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon kickback link]


Oh stupid Amazonia customer.


I don’t understand why Sarah didn’t become an actress… besides the lack of talent. She’s even more self involved self centered than Julia Roberts and Gwyneth P combined.

Somewhere the ghost of military bureaucrat Alexander Haig shakes his head sadly.

Rejected titles:
“US of Sarah Palin: I am AMERICA!”
“It’s MY WORLD and You’re Welcome to it, unless you’re librul, non white, smurt, or not me.”

Fuck me. We don’t even get decent FASCISTS in this fucking country: we’re stuck with Miss Bitchy here and Mike Lee. At least the Nazis had stylish outfits; all we’ve got are sweatpants and Medicare scooters. Fuck.

TJ/Canada City Feetball score. I wasn’t really watching as I was cleaning up after going to the gun range…

Currently the score is Bachman Turner Overdrive… all 900lbs of them.

Oh… 11-8 for the Roughriders over the Roughriders…um no. It is 11-8 Roughriders over the Alouettes.

@al2o3cr: And the German and Italian fascists left behind a lode of superb architecture. We’re stuck with fooking concrete block strip malls/city halls, as well as millions of poorly designed and built suburban McMansions that’ll likely be uninhabitable in 30 years.

It is indeed. 11-11 right now.
-15C or 5 degrees (US America)

Sad TJ/ Leslie Nielsen (Canada City Represents!) is dead.

So long Surely.

TJ/Grey Cup 21-11 Alouettes over the Roughriders.

TJ/ Grey Cup 21-18 Alouettes. The RoughRiders just gave up an interception mid field late (less than a minute) in the 4th Q.

ETA: It’s over.

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