Rock and Roll Will Never— Oops.

“The three-alarm blaze that caused $1.1 million in damage to a warehouse filled with rock legend Neil Young’s music equipment and memorabilia appears to have started in a one-of-a-kind hybrid car stored at the site, a fire official said Monday. Flames began in a 1959 Lincoln Continental dubbed LincVolt, which runs on electric batteries and a biodiesel-powered generator.” [San Jose Mercury News]


Probably due to the ignition of hydrogen gas being outgassed from the on board batteries.

Woo!!! My engineering degree is sort of useful!!!

Next time Neil, trying looking for a girl who can replace batteries instead of having a heart of gold.

Let’s hope the original master copy album, not cd of hawks and doves survived the carnage. Rare but one of his best. I could only find covers on youtube but there is something down home funky about this one

another cover from hawks and doves. about as far from the original as possible

@ManchuCandidate: was the heart of gold neil the miner was looking for in a chick or what? I can’t decipher it that way. But neil songs leave wide open interpretations.

@jwmcsame: “The Old Homestead” is one of Neil’s most awesome of his awesome songs.

Only a cover video was available:

The fire hybrid and the damage done.

Willie gave his girl his dead mum’s engagement ring:

Is this:

a) sweet
b) bad juju
c) who gives a shit?! I need that dress RIGHT NOW.

The correct answer, of course, is c.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Fun Fact: Mr’s RML’s friend was the happy couple’s classmate at Hogwarts or wherever the fuck they went to school.

Russ Tamblyn. Who can name the character he played (Benedick, you can’t answer this one) and the name of the musical he was in without IMDB/Google, etc.? Here’s a hint: he has a Neil Young connection.

@JNOV: Maria’s white BF in West Side Story?

@Nabisco: +1

ADD: I didn’t know that. I was thinking about a certain tour.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: It’s dynastic jewelry. Her great great granddaughter will wear it when she marries Doreen. Not sure about the dress but the eyebrows WTF???

@JNOV: Maria’s white GF?

@Benedick: You know I know you know. Wait. Thou knowst one knowst thou knowsteses.

@Benedick: Did you fit him with a dance belt?

Another clue: In another thread, Mistress Cynica said she disliked Faulkner because he wrote about…

@Nabisco: Never saw it, although the All Knowing Wiki says a dream sequence was filmed at the Ancestral Home of the Homies. BTW Neil Young was known for rolling up to the corner stages at a couple of local bars back home to play back in the mid-late 70s.

Scene from my hometown, written by the guy who owned the theater I used to work at in high school. I don’t remember if I was in the orchestra for the local production of West Side Story in this excerpt (35 years ago). I played for a lot of shows. I might have been at the party. I was just a kid then.

Closing Night: West Side Story

“Closing night, Saturday, April 22, 1978, was sold out—like all the other nights. By then TAA director Jane Burke had received word that the New Mexico Arts Division had awarded the TAA a mini-grant of $1,000 for the show. That, plus box receipts in excess of $5,000, meant we would break even or better. We had money left over for utilities, the phone bill, and few new stage lights. At about 8:15 p.m., I was at my post in the box-office, waiting for everyone to find their seats before turning down the lights so the show could start. We had filled the back row of the auditorium with folding chairs. The only space left for standing was at the rear of the auditorium near the northwest exit.

“Some late comers appeared. “Bill, do you have any tickets?” a voice asked. Dennis Hopper, followed by an entourage, appeared out of the dark. Dennis leaned up against the window and whispered, “I’ve got Neil Young and Russ Tamblyn with me.” (Russ Tamblyn played Tony in the movie version of “West Side Story.”)

“Dennis,” I said, “we’re sold out but you can come in. You have to pay and you have to stand in the back.” The eight or ten folks with Dennis took up a collection, paid five dollars each, and entered the theatre. Though I didn’t want to make the cast anxious, I wanted a good show. I went back stage and told them who was out front. “Don’t get nervous,” I said.

“Dennis and his friends spontaneously laughed, clapped, and thoroughly enjoyed the production. Afterwards, they went backstage, congratulated the cast. They stayed for the closing night party.”

@JNOV: Think back to 1961.

Shitting my diapers?

Good times. For me, if not for my parents.

@redmanlaw: No! Riff! He was not Tony!

ADD: And you soooo cheated. And didn’t even get the answer right.

@nojo: Took you awhile to get potty trained, eh?

@JNOV: I didn’t cheat. I gave you the answer off the top of my head. That excerpt popped up at the end of an article I found by googling Neil Young and the name of a bar he used to play at back home.

/back to reviewing deeds

New question (since some folks used the intertubez on the last one).

Russ Tamblyn: His daughter is on what TV show? Hint: She used to be on a soap opera.

@redmanlaw: Okay. But you inadvertently filled the intertubez with bad info by recklessly cutting and pasting from a bad source. :-P

@mellbell: w00t!

ADD: Do you know the name of the soap opera? (I forgot her character’s name.)

@JNOV: General Hospital, Emily Quartermain. She was a terrible actress, but then again soaps are pretty much all around terrible.

ADD: A little older, just as annoying.

Wait. What happened? I’m still in Beijing, where it’s tough to get much U.S. porn sports news.

@Dodgerblue: That prince dude is gonna marry that chick, Bristol Palin survives to go another round in Dancing With the Stars, Michael Vick kicked ASS over the Indigenous Persons on MNF, Dems roll over on various shit, Neil Young’s garage burnt up, you know, shit happening.

@redmanlaw: Thanks. Any good football coming up on Sunday? I’ll be back and am looking forward to US sports, Mexican food and a lot of it.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: YUP! I absolutely hated her on General Hospital, but I really hated that show period. I never saw the Traveling Underpants movie. I think she’s doing much better on House, and I like that she’s not stick thin. She’s got some junk in the trunk, AND they show her in scrubs. Imagine that — a doctor in scrubs. Jennifer Morrison just got thinner and thinner with each season. She didn’t get written out of the show; she evaporated.

I used to go to a friend’s house after school until my mother got off work. My friend’s mom watched her “stories,” and one of them was GH. We used to watch them with her. Luke raped Laura. Then Laura and Luke got married, and I was like, “This is some fucked up shit here. The writers are assholes.”

In the military, we used to try to cover the X-Ray dept and watch All My Children. We fought over who was going to work when that stupid story was on, and sometimes people went as far as to pull rank on others. SMH

Fast forward to college. Previously ABD [redacted] now Dr. [redacted] got me back into GH. We planned classes around it, and we were usually quite stoned.

I also loved Melrose Place and 90210, oooo and Lorenzo Lamas on Falcon Crest was one of my first crushes.

One of the reasons I wish I knew Spanish is so I could watch telenovelas. My aunt watched some show about crying rich people, and it looked pretty interesting.

@Dodgerblue: Want me to show you a tunnel? You might go to jail, but I’m sure it’s nothing like Midnight Express. You might get free education, too!

@Dodgerblue: Have not looked at the schedule other than knowing that the Broncos are playing the Nojos. Denver totally destroyed Kansas City last weekend in a fucking upset, and you may have heard the the Cowboys (!) won big time. Vick apparently put on a historic performance which we unfortunately missed because we were watching the immigration debate on MSNBC (nerds). And, although it’s waaay early in the season, Lebron and the Heat are covered in stank.

@Benedick: Meh. It’s too new to be dynastic in my book. Plus, I think ya gotta go with the jewelry that comes from happy unions. Grandma Vicky had the best rocks. He should’ve picked one of hers.

Agreed on the eyebrows. I think she’s using too much pencil. Hell, she looks about my age and I’m a decade older than that whippersnapper. Love her hair though. It’s nice to see someone bringing some badly needed locks to that flock.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Mrs RML thought the blue dress was too low cut. You?

@redmanlaw: The NBA is huge here in China. I get a lot of street cred here when people ask me if I played basketball in the US and I say yes, not bothering to explain that I’m talking about pickup basketball because I was so damned slow and couldn’t jump, i.e. had the White Man’s Disease, that no school team wanted me.

@Dodgerblue: Yao Ming’s minutes are down due to a chronic foot injury.

@Dodgerblue: Ay-yuh. Not sure if I’m going to watch it with the locals. They’re annoying.

ETA: But then again, the bar is having a special on Four Lokos from 10 PM – midnight. Miller High Life – $1.50


One of the reasons I wish I knew Spanish is so I could watch telenovelas.

The only muy buena one on Univision right now is La Rosa de Guadalupe, which is like a fiesta combo of 90210 and Skins, with a dash of supernatural Catholic mysticism thrown in. I didn’t even realize about the last part until I read the sinopsis that states each episode will feature a miracle performed by the Virgin of Guadalupe. That explains a lot–I thought it was just a fuckin’ trip.

@¡Andrew!: See! I knew I’ve been missing out on so much awesomeness!

ETA: Oh, and my aunt watched Los Ricos También Lloran.

ETAA: Your link is in Spanish. I can’t read Spanish, either. ;-)

@JNOV: ¡Me gusto ese titulo!

Be sure to click through to las fotogalerias, so that you too can feel muy sucio whilst ogling the 25 year-old Mexican “teenagers.”

@Dodgerblue: Oh, that’s right. You had no intertubez for awhile. It kills people.

There’s a post about here somewhere.

@Dodgerblue: Oh, I bet that link is blocked for you. It’s some Redbulllike/liquor drink the youngins are drinking too much.


Check out the shirtless redhead, and we’ll all be speakin’ the same language.

¡Buenos suenos!

Your link is in Spanish. I can’t read Spanish, either.

@¡Andrew!: Oh! Indeed. So, what’s up with the dead bodies and the signage?

PS Stop mocking me, man, or I’ll start writing in Morse code.


what’s up with the dead bodies and the signage?

Hell if I know. I only watch for the muchachos calientes and the melodrama–que emocionante. And lovers of the lay-dees will go positively gaga over las chicas, claro que si por supuesto.

Great Brazilians, btw.

@¡Andrew!: Even las noticias are better in Spanish. And no, that was not “chupazón”.

Linque fixed, reference deleted. Sry.

@Dodgerblue: Don’t feel bad — they are dancing Brazilian dudes. And I’m sure they’re all 18.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: She looks older than she is, that’s for sure. I like her hair, but it’s a little Monica Lewinsky-looking and that style ages 20-somethings. I don’t think it’s too much pencil on the brows, I think it’s funky plucking (too much on the ends, none towards her eyes). She wore what looks like the same dress to a wedding in October, I know this fact because I bought the hot off the presses Us Weekly at DFW last night and she’s wearing it in one of the pictures where the editors helpfully note that it was taken at the 10th wedding she and William had attended of one of their chums and yet he hadn’t put a ring on it yet.* Apparently not only did Queen Liz** not like her, as we discussed yesterday on another thread, because of her saying “pardon” and “toilet,” but her parents pissed off QE2 by chewing gum at William’s graduation/coronation into the military.

*On second glance, maybe she’s not wearing the same dress but it’s identical color and length and designer, but in the photos in Us does not look as low-cut. @redmanlaw: I agree w/ Mrs. RML that it was too low-cut given the occasion.

**Also per Us Weekly, last year Prince Harry got QE2 a cell phone for Christmas, and programmed the outgoing message to say, “Hey, wassup, this is Liz.” That made me crack up for no apparent reason.

@redmanlaw: @SanFranLefty: I didn’t think so at first but it looked a little dodgy when she sat down. When you think about it, though, the cleav keeps it from being too dowdy for a 20-something. It does have full length sleeves and a knee length hem, after all.

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