The First Rule of Torture is You Do Not Leave Any Evidence of Torture

“No one will face criminal charges for destroying CIA videotapes that depicted interrogation of terrorism detainees during President George W. Bush’s administration, NPR has learned. Two sources close to the investigation say a federal prosecutor has concluded there isn’t enough evidence to bring an indictment. The statute of limitations on criminal law covering the tapes’ November 2005 destruction expired this week, making future prosecution impossible.” [NPR, via TPM]


Oh look, another news item that completely fails to surprise me. Remind me again why I’m not just spending every day curled up in bed, sleeping away the world?

Speaking of deferred or ignored prosecutions, Keef’s bootlicking hypocrisy, erosion of civil rights, the destruction of all things decent in America and short memories… Whatever happened to those criminal investigations of the telecom industry for illegally eavesdropping on Americans without a warrant?

You remember – the ones that Obama invoked as a rationalization for his flip-flop on telecom immunity from civil prosecutions in the FISA bill based on the criminal investigations he would do as President, supported by Keef in a Special Comment with the stern admonition that he would hold Obama’s feet to the fire to make sure his politically expedient FISA vote wrong was righted in the new year… you remember…

Those prosecutions.

Did I miss it? Was there ever an investigation?

@libertarian tool: Stop Looking Backward. It’s embarrassing.

@libertarian tool: He’s too busy leaning forward to hold anyone’s feet to the fire.

@libertarian tool: Newsweek declared them Not Guilty by Reasons of Wealth and Power ages ago.

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