Now We’re Outsourcing Our Political Metaphors

“A policeman guarding Mr Obama’s Mumbai hotel set off a major security alert after accidentally shooting himself in the leg last night.” [Daily Mail UK]


Why is Barney Fife guarding my president?

The officer may be interested in the binder I’m putting together. The section I’m labeling is “Firearms Handling Refresher; Part I: Handguns.” I should probably reread it myself now.

@ManchuCandidate: Damn – like a commentator once said – you can’t teach 6’5″ … he’d be a great addition to the Jets.

More likely he’s a Cowboy or a Raider – they like convicted felons.

Also can’t fix stupid.

Maybe he and Randy Moss can form an all asshole team.

@blogenfreude: More likely he’s a Cowboy or a Raider – they like convicted felons.

Raider. Cowher may very well end up in Dallas, and I think he had enough headaches trying to coach that guy.

@Nabisco: The Cowboys looked like a juco team tonight. Phillips couldn’t even challenge a slam dunk call at the end of the first half because he had no timeouts left. Truly embarrassing.

Couldn’t help myself from commenting on the name of the UK Daily Mail reporter: Wil Longbottom. He (or she?) must be a person of strong character if that is in fact the name given him at birth. Imagine what every fall must have been like from nursery school clear through his school years.

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