Nancy Boys d. Fightin’ Dubyas

The pressing question is whether a drunken, joyous San Francisco will have an effect on turnout, thus allowing eMeg and Carly an unearned advantage.

What is not a question? Timmy Lincecum is the man. As are the other boys on your World Champion San Francisco Giants. Big congrats to Stinque’s very own SanFranLefty — enjoy, dear.


Is it just me, or is the Fox coverage really flat? NBC always knew how to milk a moment.

@nojo: Well, I don’t know. For the Red Sox in 2004 and the White Sox in 2005, they played up the history to no end before the final out, and after that they let the pictures speak for themselves. Same here. And I have no real complaints about that.

One thing we can take to the polls tomorrow is that weed wins world series.

Enjoy the celebration, Bay Area. By Nov. 3rd, Speaker-elect Boehner will propose legislation to federalize all tanning beds and bath houses, for “public safety” reasons.

“@Schwarzenegger Congrats, Giants! CA beat Texas today and CA will beat Texas oil companies’ ploy to undo our clean energy laws tmrw by rejecting Prop23.”

@nojo: That would be a 25-minute hangtime on that blast from Ahnald.

I knew it was over when Nolan Ryan had his pal’s come out on a riding mower to throw out the pitch in the 4th game.
Cosmic retribution for having your owner box full up with the Bushes.

And I want you SF residents to remember who sent you those Giants. Hint … it was an island on the east coast ….

GO GIANTS!!!! Timmmmmaaay must have smoked today.

It is kah-razy here. Cars are audibly honking all over The City. Waiting for the bus about 30 minutes ago, all of us spontaneously started chanting “Let’s Go Giants”

@texrednface: Plus having John Hagen (Lyle Lovett’s cellist) wearing Giants orange on Sunday for the Star Spangled Banner was a good sign.

@blogenfreude: Nantucket?

@blogenfreude: I think the Statute of Limitations on that is a half-century, give or take.


At least two separate fires in Ess Eff involving Texas flags being burned. Cue the FOX News drama. I’m sure Glen Beck will be saying on Tuesday that Nancy Pelosi herself lit the match, even though reality would show it’s some meatheads from Yolo and Contra Costa Counties.

@blogenfreude: @SanFranLefty: Freddy Sanchez and Barry Bonds? Ex-Pirates. That batting coach Meulens? Ex-Pirate AAA coach.

@Nabisco: Whatever makes you feel better, baby. That’s almost as close as Crazy Crab is to being Lou Seal.

@SanFranLefty: Even White Sox fans didn’t do anything like that. Think about that.

White Sox fans.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I’m consoling myself that the guys who were shown on teevee doing the burning look like big rednecks from Solano County who drive pick up trucks and listen to FOX. In other words, wannabe Texans.

@redmanlaw: Oh it’s too early in the morning to start the Texas v. New Mexico battle.

Instead, enjoy The Machine. H/T to HomoFascist.

@SanFranLefty: Speaking of Texas, didja catch this sign from the Sanity/Fear rally? My favorite is Shelley O in Rosie the Riveter drag, though this Mitch Hedberg-inspired one runs a close second.

@SanFranLefty: What were we talking about, again?

It’s all we have left in the ‘burgh, Lefty, at least as far as beisbol goes.

@SanFranLefty: Did you guys riot? It’s not a proper celebration without small fires.

@mellbell: Oh, yes, all of the expat Texans I know in DC managed to take a picture of that sign.

Congrats to the Gnats!

Re: the announcing I think McCarver is mediocre and Buck sucks. The TBS crew were even worse in the playoffs. In the future, I would like to hear the locals call the home games for national coverage in the World Series. Not that they are all that much better but it would make it a more interesting event to watch.

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