Ground Zero Bada Bing Celebrates Grand Opening

“Just 4% of Republican voters support building the Ground Zero mosque. But 21% say they would support a Ground Zero strip club… Democrats narrowly support the mosque but oppose the strip club, independents oppose both the mosque and the strip club.” [Public Policy Polling, via Political Wire]


What, there’s a shortage of strip clubs in NYC?

TJ: Enough of these tiresome people and their pretend problems. On to more important topics.
I need a good chili recipe. Where else but Stinque can I consult experts from Tejas and the Southwest, as well as chili-loving cooks from all over? I have half a freezer of ground beef and dreary weather on the horizon.
BTW, I like it hot. What passes for spicy up here is beyond pathetic.

@Mistress Cynica: On to more important topics.

Just grafted a Duck into a stock photo. My contribution to the economy for today.

@Mistress Cynica:

Vegitarian Times has a really good Pobello and White Bean Chili recipe in it this month that I made over the weekend. You could dress it up with a little meat if you wanted. I added a bunch of Chili Powder, red pepper flakes, and garlic to it too, but that is up to you. I would post it but they don’t have it up on the site yet. I will do it tonight if you are interested.


Don’t you guys wish it were like gay clubs in straight bars? It’s hard to find a gay bar without some young guy in a jockstrap grinding away. We’re so spoiled by it you only notice when there isn’t one.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Well, taking a girl to a bar where some other girl is humping a pole can be problematic.


If you’re reeeeallly lucky she’d be into it, but I can see where most of the time it wouldn’t be cool.

@Tommmcatt: Lawd have the mercy, have you been to the clubs in Vancouver, BC (aka Vansterdam)?? The go-go boyz there dance fully nekkid, complete with kahk-rings and h—d-ons! Oh daddy! You can always pick out the Americans in the crowd from the stunned looks on their faces. An airplane could crash behind the club and they wouldn’t notice. We used to go to the Odyssey, which I believe has been bulldozed for more gaw-dam condos, and the tastefully named Pumpjack, which will survive a noo-klee-ar blast. Shoo-wee!

@Mistress Cynica: On to more important topics.

Apple TV works! That too.

@nojo: I’m sorry, but “more important topics” refer exclusively to me and my needs.

@Mistress Cynica: Don’t bother me, I’m watching Bullwinkle over Netflix.

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve heard repeatedly that the same full monty rulz apply for the go-go boyz in certain fine Portland establishments. Dunno if it’s legal or not.

@¡Andrew!: Heh. PlumpJack is the name of the winery and restaurant founded and owned by Mayor McDreamy.

@Mistress Cynica: I swear to FSM, I really think that I posted my chili recipe on Stinque a few months ago. Search with the Googlez search feature, and see if you find it. If not I’ll send it when I get home. It may also be in an email I sent someone (Bloggie?) a while back.

@SanFranLefty: Found it! Thanks, chica. Finally, someone who understands that real chili does not have beans.

@Mistress Cynica: Of course I would not be that gouache as to use beans. Perhaps we could do a little side linque of “Stinque recipes” that not only includes every post tagged “Food” but all the recipes that have been contributed by Stinquers in comments on random non-food related posts. Hell if I lose my day job I could always put it together as a “From the Stinque Kitchen”* cookbook on some self-publishing website and sell it. PromNight alone could take care of 3/4 of such an endeavor.

*sort of like a Junior League or church cookbook, except our food tastes good.

@SanFranLefty: *sort of like a Junior League or church cookbook, except our food tastes good.
And no recipe requires Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup or lime Jello. Or both.

@karen marie, clowned out and grateful for other news: I don’t want to watch Bullwinkle on my laptop. I don’t want to wire my laptop to the flatscreen and stereo every time I want to watch Bullwinkle. I want to simply pick up the stainless-steel remote and click-click-click and have Bullwinkle be there.

Oh, and I also want to drive the videos for Silent Creative Partner’s stage show over my iPad while sitting in the audience. But I think I need to wait until November for an OS update.

@nojo: Oh, well, there you go.

You obviously have a TV. I don’t have a TV. These days, if I’m watching moving pictures, I’m watching it via the intertoobs.

I’m not sure you should drive over your iPad. It might break, even with an OS update.

@karen marie, clowned out and grateful for other news: I actually went sans Tube for about ten years. Then I got a little one — just for editing videotape, of course. Oh, and watching X-Files.

Then the little one broke, so I got a cheap bigger one. Then we needed something for the stage, so I found an excuse to blow $475 on the flatscreen. And now I’m pissed that MSNBC isn’t available here in HD.

@nojo: Pro football is the killer app for big-screen HD TV. It just is.

the very best thing about living in israel for me was moose and squirrel…every morning on the teevee.
i’m soo going to hell for saying that.

@Mistress Cynica: I’ve got one for TX chili that I haven’t tried, but this source has never let me down before. It calls for 1/4 c of chili powder among other interesting ingredients. The chipotle is really the thing that regulates heat. I’ll send it to you via email right now.

@karen marie, clowned out and grateful for other news: @nojo: I miss having a TV because I loved to fall asleep on NOVA and on American Experience. Certain narrators especially Liev Schreiber (I have a HUGE crush on him) and Morgan Freeman, hell, even Sell Out Mike Rowe, have amazingly soothing voices.

I still have my second-gen TiVo (with a life-time service agreement! Woot!), so I could fast forward to the last thing I remembered before I drifted off, and then I’d fall asleep almost instantly. I found that I would watch these shows in 15-minute installments. Used to drive Jr nuts. He would seen the same show at least four times.

I don’t miss the TV so much, but TV raised me. Sometimes it feels like losing a close friend. Sometimes it’s great to be free from the idiot box.

I can stream on my macbook, but it comes close to overheating at times, so I’m pretty much cut off from the world. Not that I have much down time anyway these days…

@nojo: Any new Silent Partner videos to share, or do you save them for the stage? I haven’t been by the site in eons. The last time I went I rewatched the ABC one. I want moar!

@JNOV: I know what you mean about TV at sleepy time. That’s really the only part I miss — falling asleep to Craig Ferguson’s Scottish accent.

Between the ages of 13 and 17 I had no access to TV (was living in Ibadan, Nigeria and Las Palmas, Gran Canarias), then again no TV from ’77 through ’83. I’m glad that as a result I don’t have the TV addiction many folks suffer from but, at the same time, it’s left me clueless with respect to many cultural references after 1969, and easily irritated by peeps abusing my memories of Bozo.

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