Breaking News: Congresscritters Avoiding Colbert Since 2007

“The number of ‘Better Know a District’ segments has plummeted in the past few years. In 2006, more than 40 segments aired. That number fell to a little over a dozen in 2007 and has fallen to less than 10 this year, according to POLITICO’s count.”


Only took them four years to figure it out?

TJ: Today’s story of harassment and bullying of gay teens, this time the bully was an old man who apparently likes to wear sea captain hats with shorts. These stories are pissing me off so much.

“But he’s not healthy. He has no governor on him.”

For some reason, that made me laugh and laugh.

@SanFranLefty: With the news of bullying, harassment, suicides and all sorts of other crimes against gay humanity, I am going to have a stroke.

If I ever become dictator of the world, these people would be put into some North Korean prison.

cubbie, you’re running against me for dictator of the world? our platforms are similar, except a north korean prison is far cushier than i had in mind…
there is more awareness about bullying in general, but awareness hasn’t translated into enough action. gay teens still top the list of teen suicides and it’s beyond tragic.

have we covered that asshole preacher eddie long?
preachin the evils of homosekshuls with all his boyfriends waitin in his room? pfft. someone shoot him in the nuts please?

Breaking: Asshole Asst AG in Michign suspended.

Chambliss fires “all fags must die poster”

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) said in a statement this afternoon that he has fired the staffer who wrote an offensive comment on a gay rights blog last week. His office declined to identify the staffer.

The unidentified staffer wrote, “All faggots must die,” on a post at Joe.My.God, just after the Senate’s failed attempt to start debate on a bill that would repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

On the domestic front, Son of RML has been authorized and encouraged to render aid to a kid being bullied, which expressly includes gay kids. Considering that he can bench press more than what some local high school running backs weigh, he could be of considerable assistance.

+1 Son of RML

when i’m dictator of the world, i’m appointing you Father Tzar.

Finally. I guess Mike Cox (or someone higher up and less stupid) finally did the political calculus and realized that the bad optics of an adult male underling terrorizing/hitting on a university student doesn’t help.

@baked: Darling, you’re running as Queen of the world. It’s just a little bit different. You get all the power but with better clothes. Plus tiaras.

I’ve seen a couple of the Eddie Long men being interviewed. Money quote? I stood in the shower for hours trying to wash the scent of his cologne off my skin. All right, I made up some of it but not the sad and telling image of the cologne (yuck) off the skin. An eloquent young man.

@Snorri Haraldsson:
hmmm…diamond hats.
you remind me so much of my mom, Snorri…..

@baked: I got a diamond knife sharpener today at ACE Hardware.

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