All Your Teabagger Are Belong to Us

Oh, no! Sarah Palin has invaded our peace-loving website! What can you do to fight the menace? Click here, look at what appears in the upper left of the screen, then use your arrow keys to move, and your spacebar to Fire! Fire! Fire!

Oh, and don’t mind the collateral damage. War is Hell, y’know.

What? You don’t have a keyboard? You’re stabbing madly with your finger and nothing happens? Or — even worse — you’re using Explorer? You lose, pal.

Hello, want to kill some time? [GitHub, via Kottke]

Peggy? Peggy Hirr?
-Minh Souphanousinphone.

T/J: Suspended Tour de France winner Alberto Contador blames his positive drug test (clenbuterol) on bad meat or, as they call it at my local taco stand, carne malo. Que pendejo, eh?

My aim is not true. I shot teh kitteh. :-(


6090 points got me most of everything off the screen. I couldn’t kill “share via” or “Twitter.”

@ManchuCandidate: aw. now look what you’ve done. i’m going to waste a couple of hours search youtube for King of the Hill clips.

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