Because it’s Monday.

Radio shock jock, queen of hate, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Iron Maiden mascot “Eddie.” The resemblance is striking. Were they, perchance, separated at birth?

Discuss, my fellow Stinquers.


Eddie is less psychotic than Dr Laura.

I’d only hit Dr Laura… with a baseball bat.

I doubt that Eddie ever told an African-American woman that she shouldn’t have married outside her race.

@ManchuCandidate: She loves it like that, especially if you’re dressed like SS.

@FlyingChainSaw: I breezed through LAX security this morning wearing my Son of RML hand-tie-dyed camo shirt. The TSA goons clearly recognized me as a man they should not fuck with.

@Dodgerblue: What is it? Straight camoflage shirt? Anything else on it like a pithy saying along the lines of “I kill. I fuck the dead. I eat the survivors” ?

@Dodgerblue, Chain: It’s imprinted with a message for the Imperial Stormtroopers saying “this is not the radical for whom you are looking for.”

Eddie’s a warrior. Sorry to say I missed Maiden when they were here last month, although I would have liked to see Testament, who opened for Slayer and Megadeth here a few weeks ago. Their lead singer is an Indian dude from Cali who is included in a current show on American Indians in Pop Culture at the National Museum of the American Indian in Mellbell City. I was kind of concerted out by the end of summer, although we did go see Dir en Grey over Labor Day. Also, Slayer/Megadeth conflicted with our religious pilgrimage to the mountains last month.

I think they are the same person. ever see them together?

@Capt Howdy:

Yes, at an Iron Maiden concert once… no wait… now that I think of it, Schlessinger went off to use the bathroom right before the band brought Eddie on stage to pretend decapitate a roadie, and she came back right after Eddie left the stage.

I think she looks more like the salt monster from Star Trek, but that’s just me.

@Serolf Divad: I hung out with the Judas Priest guitarists and bass player once as a college journalist in Albuquerque. Great guys, fun and friendly. Ate dinner back stage and had a few drinks with them. Singer Rob Halford kicked me out of a closed production meeting.

@Dodgerblue: I guess you’ll be easy for me to spot in the crowd at lunchtime.

ADD: Yes, a last minute Ess Eff Stinque-up, paging WalkingStill, check your email for details.

@redmanlaw: Neat. If you really want to have fun with the imperial stormtroopers, run a set that says, “Hey, TSA, Why Ur Dix So Small?” That should get a response.

@Plop-Plop, Fizz-Fizz, Tommmcatt A Relief He Is!: Well, there will be less zinfandel up here when you get here. But you know, a person can get a drink in L.A. Let’s round up Cassandra and have one.


So sorry to miss the fun. I’ve got a telephonic status conference in my Hawaii case at 1:30. If it is short, I may try to drop by.

@redmanlaw: Hey, tell Son of RML that he did a good job tie-dying Dodger’s shirt.

@Plop-Plop, Fizz-Fizz, Tommmcatt A Relief He Is!: Ahem. When are you here, doll?

@SanFranLefty: I shall fwd your message. I wish he had time to do some tie dye for me. I just took him over to Mrs RML’s acupuncturist to take some measurements and negotiate a fee for some light carpentry work.


Next Saturday…we should get together fora drink if you have a moment.

That may be the ghastliest neck I’ve ever seen on someone able to afford cosmetic surgery. No, scratch that: the ghastliest neck I’ve ever seen. period. full stop.

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